~2000 More Pre-Orders Shipping Now!



Last week we mentioned adding new logistics partners. We’re happy to announce we’re ready to test our integration and USA based distribution with DHL!

Today we are submitting C.H.I.P.(s) only pre-orders placed on or before June 30th to confirmed addresses in USA for shipment

1994 pre-orders containing 3621 C.H.I.P.s are leaving Los Angeles in the next 24 hours. These shipments will be leaving from a DHL facility in Los Angeles and are estimated to take 3-5 days to arrive.

Emails containing tracking information should hit your inbox within the next 72 hours or less.

This is an EXPERIMENT to test our regional distribution strategy. The goal is to greatly reduce the time it takes for USA-based customers to receive their pre-orders. Assuming shipments from DHL go smoothly, we’ll be exploring the roll out more localized distribution centers in other parts of the world.

We need your help evaluating this strategy. Let us know if you have any issues, how fast things arrived, quality of tracking, we want to hear it all.

If you have any feedback, issues or questions about your pre-order, please contact ahoyahoy@nextthing.co

Stay tuned! Much much more to come!

Dave & The NTC Crew


anything on Australian orders?


What about international pre-orders ? I ordered before the 30th June but I am in France. Will my order be shipped before september ? (My address is confirmed)


Misread this to begin with. Gotta be patient and continue to wait until next month for my Pocket C.H.I.P. :disappointed:


@enya @marshmallow these shipments are test for USA pre-orders only. All other pre-orders are planned to ship according to previous estimates.


Are you planning to get a distribution partner in Europe? And would shipping then cost more to the customer (or less)?


When you tell us to “watch for emails”, it would be really good if you could give us a fingerprint string that will be in the subject line or email body. Because I’ve got a metric buttload of emails that mention “nextthingco” or “c.h.i.p.”.


“Metric buttload”. :smiley:

If many of them are from the BBS, you should disable most emails. I only get emails when somebody PMs me.


that is a very scientific term :stuck_out_tongue: I use it all the time. well I replace butt with anither word for what comes out but thats beside the point.


On Wed Aug 10, I got an email saying:

Package incoming from Next Thing Company via DHL! Get Excited!

And on Friday Aug 12, it arrived here in California.

Interestingly, when I first got the email the tracking button did not work, it sent me to your confirm shipping address website. But today tracking works as expected. I guess tracking info was not ready when the email went out. You might want to check on that – a button that wants me to confirm a shipping address instead of tracking info was confusing. Now it is totally clear, but then it already arrived.

Regards, Steve


Enya asking the important questions


How about a timeline update for Austrian/European orders?

E.g. I ordered a dozen C.H.I.P + cases beginning of May (8th or 9th of May) - did I miss some infos?
I guess some of my european colleagues would be keen to get more infos too.


Just saw the new revised shipping predictions…

Have you received your bare C.H.I.P not Pocket C.H.I.P?

I received my two board pre-order (from April 12) yesterday afternoon (Aug 16) here in central NY state, so just about a week after shipment. Had tracking points at DHL Compton, USPS NJ facility, and local post office using the link in the e-mail. track.getchip.com seemed to be out of the loop for this delivery method.

The units shipped with 4.3 (desktop I presume, but I was running headless/command line). I had troubles flashing 4.4 (desktop on one CHIP, server on the other) using the Chromium tool. In all cases it ran to the end before declaring failure. I tried half a dozen different USB cables with no obvious difference. I think it was just a matter of repeating the process until I got lucky, but it took on the order of 20 attempts between the two units. It might be helpful if there were a diagnostic log that identified the failure detected. Perhaps there is one?

Once flashed things seemed to work quite well. In fact, I’ve placed a second pre-order for more CHIPs.