3133 Pre-Orders Shipping Now!


So I think your order should ship by Sept 8th.


I am NOT a litlle confused. I ordered 9 April.
Sorry for the inconviniance.
Will that make a difference?

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paul_hutch August 5 elevenarms: What about my pre-order with C.H.I.P.?

Pre-orders containing C.H.I.P. will ship as C.H.I.P.s leave the factory. As of today we are still on schedule to meet our shipping estimates.

Pre-Order Shipping Updates & Scaling Up C.H.I.P. Production
Pre-orders placed before May 31st, estimated to ship by Sept 8th (5368 pre-orders)

So I think your order should ship by Sept 8th.

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August 5
I am a little confused. I ordered “1x C.H.I.P. for $9.00 each” on 9th of May Will this ship this week or later. If not I may need to change the address or cancel. Will move from Netherlands to Spain in September.
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Pre-orders placed before April 30th, estimated to ship by Aug 31st (4961 pre-orders)


My PocketChip has shipped. Mine was ordered May 5th.


my pocketchip just chipped! however, i’m worried something’s wrong, because when i track it, it doesn’t show my full address, just the postal code. is this normal?

ordered around ~20th of May


That’s normal for a tracking docket. They summarise the destination.


So what does crossing border in transit to carrier hub mean


It means customs are doing their part and parcel being passed to another mail handler once they are done.


Ordered my pocket C.H.I.P on the 26th of May and haven’t received a shipping confirmation yet. Have I slipped through the net or do I still have a chance of getting it within this shipment?



Got mail that my goodies have shipped 2 days ago. My order number is 23xxx( 24 may order)


When you mention “shipping confirmation”, what were you expecting?

I didn’t get any type of direct notice or confirmation about a status change for my order, but (as mentioned a few posts up) when I randomly checked https://track.getchip.com/ a few days ago found out that the order was already processed and in the process of being shipped.

I’d suggest checking there to see what (if anything) it says.


When I log into the tracking it just forwards me to the shipping address confirmation screen which I have completed once again. It has the generic shipping estimates listed there but nothing suggesting it has shipped.



Sounds like your shipment isn’t on the way then - at least not yet. :frowning:

What exactly did you order? If you included a USB charger, you might be one of the shipments sent over the next few weeks.


after seeing above posts. I enter https://track.getchip.com/ and found my order is processed without email notification.
last update message is :
Scanned at Landmark crossdock facility 2016-08-06 04:34 pm Hong Kong, HON

I think this means my order is on the way.
so I will refresh https://track.getchip.com every day to check out.


“so I will refresh https://track.getchip.com3 every 5 minutes to check out.”

@song Fixed


It’s just a pocket CHIP and nothing else. I’ve fired off an email to support to see if there are any issues.



Still no dispatch notification for me and the tracking page just says ‘Pending Shipment’ :sweat:

Hopefully I’ll catch the back end of the dispatched PocketCHIPs, it was ordered on the 26th of May lol.


My May 4th order was dispatched on August 2nd from Hong Kong and has cleared UK customs. It’s in Middlesex now, which is about two hours from me.

That took 6 days from dispatch.


Have ordered my final part for chip, the battery. Found one cheap on ebay. Hopefully it works well with chip. I emailed you asking if my order was one of those due to ship shortly. No response as of late, but i do understand if you guys are busy. I do hope that C.H.I.P is well worth the wait. I’ve been spending a ridiculous amount of money sorting parts etc for it. At this stage i’m considering using chip as a tool. I’ll be keen to go as far as buying a usb microscope and inspection camera for it if it performs ok and allows me to use a webcam with VLC
I’m order No. 23561.


Recieved shipping confirmation email on Saturday, and the parcel is due to be delivered today by the courier! That is super fast delivery from Hong Kong to the UK!