3133 Pre-Orders Shipping Now!


Just a quick update. My pocket chip arrived at 11am this morning via Yodel. I didn’t have to pay any customs or tax. The super clicky keyboard is a lot better than I expected!


Mine has been delivered. No customs charges. South of England.


My wife just woke me up by smacking me with a package that came in the mail when I first saw it I thought it was my pocket chip and I was so excited,but it wasn’t it was the case for my iPad, and I’m now sad


Here to report that the PocketC.H.I.P. I pre-ordered on May 16 has arrived safely.


I got shipping info on the 1st, but my package has been “crossing border and in transit to carrier hub” since the 4th with no further updates. Is my pCHIP stuck in customs hell and is that normal, or is the landmark global tracker just not updating?


Mines the same way, it’s frustrating in it’s vagueness


Mine’s been sitting, unmoved, in “Processed” status since the second - at least yours has started to move. :slight_smile:
Waiting was almost easier when before the order had started to be processed. Now I’m excited and checking far too often, even though I know it’s going to still take some time.


Yeah the landmark people must be like , dam these pocket chip people are blowing up our servers with tracking update refreshes


Mine ‘sat’ for at least four days with no apparent movement, cleared customs. It looked like it was still in China. Then it showed up in the UK having cleared customs here.

I think for the actual journey, the tracker doesn’t update, which is a shame because that’s the interesting part where my PocketChip was at sea, mingling, chatting with the other PCs, having fun and drinking mimosa.

By the time the tracker showed up again it was only 24 hours at most until actual delivery. All of your deliveries will show up any time now.

I have to say, after having mine for a couple of days: it’s totally worth the wait.


from what I understand from most tracking is it only gets an update when it comes to a new facility not during transit so for example if I order a package from CA ill see it was accepted and processed then no updates while it makes the 2 day truck drive over to Indianapolis then suddenly its like recived at indy. recived at local. out for delivery. I was refreshing my pockchip tracking like every five minutes and it still seemed like it went from CA to out to delivery to my place in north indiana almost instantly lol


Now it’s in Cheektowaga, NY. I guess it just took the long way around the globe. Phew.


Mine is in America!
I need to think of a name for her!
so from new york to tennessee should be how long?


uh depends on the driver should be a day or two.


HI, I’m one of the Early July pre-order Pocket chip purchaser. I know i confirmed my shipping address before July 22nd. Just so happens today i decided to see if there are any updates about the Early july batch shipments. though i clicked the on ‘tracked your order’ and ended saying i just confirmed my shipment address again.

is there anyway i can know whether my pre-order pocket chip will be in the early july batch (based from forum, supposed to get it on september 22nd) or after july batch?


There is a link at the bottom of your order confirmation email that says View your preorder confirmation page. The confirmation page shows the current shipping estimate for your order.


If shipped Aug 31st how long will it take to arrive at my home in the Netherlands? I leave Sept 18 to Spain.


I called mine Pokedex, at least the hostname is. :smiley:


i wanted mines too bro lol, have with it! i can’t wait for mines to come in…


In pa now and usps tracking is up