3133 Pre-Orders Shipping Now!


Edit, it just left PA so hopefully Monday morning it will be here, I plan a full inbox video, from mailbox to open.

Edit edit now it’s in illinoise is it going to California first lol



My Pocket CHIP got here today at 11:54 am, just as I got off work :slight_smile:

Just now posting after many hours of tinkering!


mine is taking the nickel tour of The United States apparently New york, Pennsylvania, Illinois, now , , ,who knows, , , ,


That’s a well-traveled CHIP! :smile:


I got up early to snatch mine from the mailbox. Finally, she’s here…


The 15th of next month is taking roughly forever to get here, lol.


Mine arrived today. I repeat: MINE ARRIVED TODAY! Vienna, Austria.

Great machine! PICO needs an update, thouh… too many games in the “NEW” section not compatible with our version …


Arrived Today!!! Super excited to get hacking!


Ugh… the wait is just killing me! :sweat: (edit: luckily I’m a zombie, so being killed isn’t new territory)

Despite getting a tracking notice on Aug 2nd, it still hasn’t moved from “processed”. Not entirely unexpected, since based on the OP there was a possible 3 week delay due to ordering a charger that hasn’t quite been spent.

But it’s killing me… :sob:
(Glad to hear others are having their packages arrive though!)


It killed me too, it takes a while to reach civilization, just when you think it will never be there it will


On the upside, it’s just moved from “Processed” to “Scanned at Landmark crossdock facility” - just as suggested in the first post. Only a matter of time until my new toy is in my grubby little hands.


I ordered my pocket chip may 26th and I haven’t even received any notifications I am loosing my patience.


Your estimated time is Sept. 8th. So just over two weeks man. I know the wait blows. Sucks even more when my Twitter is flooded with pics of happy peeps with whom their PocketC.H.I.P came in.
For me, the 15th is coming fast.
For me, i waited and waited for years to be a dad. I finally got my dream this year and the PocketC.H.I.P is my very first legit Father’s Day gift. Had the wait been tough? Sure. But i know it’ll be worth it. <3


@Halo40003 I know elevenarms said something about PocketCHIPs ordered by near end of May (I forget exact date) were shipping earlier than the Sep 8 estimate, BUT only those without chargers. Did you per chance order a charger with your PocketCHIP? And did you confirm your shipping address at http://track.getchip.com? Folks were supposed to get asked to confirm their addresses that way via email, but some never got those emails. If you missed doing that, for sure they will not do anything about shipping your order until the address has been confirmed. And you can go there even if that initial email never came, then they will send another one to confirm you are you so you can log in and confirm or update your shipping address.


See, i ordered a charger with mine to keep up that epic Miami Vice 80’s feel. So i know I’m relegated to at least Sept. 15th. Damn my hubris :stuck_out_tongue:


@sdjf I didn’t order a charger with it and I confirmed my address.


I’m going to want some answers if mine doesn’t ship by atleast sept-oct. My battery from ebay has arrived. I. Am. Ready.


I almost ordered a charger but found a good Samsung one and cable so I was good to go, I hope you all get yours soon I know you’ll live it as much as I love mine


My addy is all set and registered, just trying to patiently await the wonderous email rjat says it shipped :slight_smile:


Guessing you already know this, but worth mentioning just in case. I didn’t get any email when my order shipped, and only knew there was any progress due to looking at the https://track.getchip.com/ site myself. Not sure if that helps though. Sticking to an “it’ll come when it comes” mantra is probably the best.