3133 Pre-Orders Shipping Now!


I check it at least once a day just in case, lol. Cheers for tip as it could help some other peeps too! :heart:
Edit : still pending today. Maybe tomorrow :slight_smile:


Got my shipping notice a couple of days ago! Pumped!


Interesting. Pocket Chip or Bare Chip?


Hey everybody!

These good news make me smile. But the Mid-October shipping date is too late for me, so 5 days ago I asked for a refund
than I got an automatic message. 2 days afterwords I recived an email from Next thing Co. to confirm my refund, I confirmed it and a few minutes later I got an email that said I will recive my money in 1-2 days but I still got nothing.
Did anyone want to have a refund beacuse the late shipping date and got the same thing?
if anyone can help, please do it.


Hi, I also got a shipping notice last thursday. It’s a link to a mercury.landmarkglobal.com tracking link that says it’s in Cheektowaga, NY and has a link to a USPS tracking link. Unfortunately when i click the USPS link I get a ‘not found’ message. It has been the same since last thursday. Anyone else have similar/different experience?


Moom may i ask: dit you order a C.H.I.P. or a PocketChip?


I think that when parcels get stuck in Cheektagowa, it is because of customs. I have been watching my pocketchip + charger order since forever, and LandmarkGlobal provides USPS tracking numbers for our parcels before they even leave Hong Kong! Obviously to me, USPS will not know about a parcel if it has not received it. Mine did not get stuck in Cheektagowa, instead, after leaving Cheektagowa, it seems stuck in Pennsylvania since last Thursday. The USPS tracking number works, but says they have not yet received the parcel. Maybe it really is still in Cheektagowa and the number just got uploaded to Pennsylvania, I don’t know.

If you look at the old topics here where people post their shipping information, a whole lot of the time, parcels seem to have gotten stuck in Cheektagowa for a week or two, before they moved on, or were magically delivered despite the fact that USPS tracking did not give progress until they were delivered.

Also, the USPS tracking number appears twice on the LandmarkGlobal page. Try both links, I find the one on the left is broken, the one on the right works, maybe because of javascript.


Interesting! And just when I had decided it was time to go back to ignoring my pocket chip order I tried the USPS link one last time; and lo! there was an update: “Your item departed a shipping partner facility at 1:30 pm on September 12, 2016 in LAS VEGAS, NV 89115. This does not indicate receipt by the USPS or the actual mailing date.” It’s in Vegas! Feeling lucky?


Pocket Chip. The 9$ chip is an amazing deal, but I couldnt resist that low cost touchscreen/battery. Whatta deal i tell you!


My PocketCHIP just cleared customs in the UK, it could be here any day now :grinning:


My PocketCHIP is supposed to arrive today!


Same here! I guess in less than a week it’ll be here in Spain.
And I’m having the same issue that the local company has not yet received the shipment, but as long as I can track it somewhere, I’m fine. :slight_smile:


Still waiting on my chip, dip and cable order.


How long? I am awaiting from april 9, 2016


Got an update today that it passed a customs check in Ontario on its way to it’s new home in Newfoundland. Hope everything turns up for you guys!


Mine was for the pocket chip




delivered today! i’ve just paired my bluetooth keyboard with it. it is a thing of beauty!


My pocketchip arrived today @ boulder hill :grinning:


My PocketCHIP is scheduled for delivery today, but with the worst courier in Spain, Seur. :disappointed:
They have the habit of reporting false “absent” on fridays afternoons, and screw your weekends by not delivering.

In the worst case, I’ll have it with me next week. :blush::+1: