3D Acceleration for C.H.I.P., Improved Web Flasher, and Alpha C.H.I.P.s are back!



GR8 News! We’ve updated C.H.I.P.’s software, improved our Chrome web flasher, and are bringing back Alpha C.H.I.P. Read on!

CHIP goes 3D (NAND, there’s more!)

Last week we announced 3D acceleration for PocketC.H.I.P., and we’ve already it running Quake 3 and Kodi! Today we’re super excited to announce 3D acceleration for C.H.I.P.!

Head over to our new and improved Chrome web flasher to get 3D on your C.H.I.P.s! As an added bonus for updating, our new C.H.I.P. software will double the storage of all C.H.I.P.s shipped to date. That’s an extra 4 gigs! Curious about the new web flasher? Check out Howie’s release notes below.

Alpha C.H.I.P.s from the Vault

We’ve opened up the C.H.I.P. Vault and are bringing back Alpha C.H.I.P.s, limited edition C.H.I.P.s from our first ever production batch. They’re available for the first time since our Kickstarter campaign last year and we’re bundling them together in hack-packs of 10 for all your C.H.I.P. clustering desires! Check them out at getchip.com today!

Keep hacking and stay tuned. There is much much more to come.

Everyone @ NTC


-New images for 3D
-Legacy images for Hynix CHIPS appear on flash.getchip.com
-Flasher now auto-detects the NAND type and chooses appropriate OS images to flash
-MD5 Hash sums are visible on hover over the “cloud” icons in the flasher. The flasher popup will calculate the MD5 sum as it reads the file, so you can compare.
-Serial number and NAND info are displayed to the user
-Normally the chrome app updates automatically, but it might take some time. If you want to make sure you have the latest version, 4.0.2., you can go to the chrome://extensions tab and click on “Update extensions now”

8GB CHIP? How can I tell?
Install OpenCV on pocketC.H.I.P
Can I add kodi to the chip

how many of the alpha chip packs are available


I flashed the alpha 3d do i need to reflash? I just got it up to speed again


The new Flasher seem to be playing up, is says detecting chip but then it disconnects and goes in a loop


When it says “Legacy images for Hynix CHIPS” and “will double the storage of all C.H.I.P.s shipped to date” is that inferring that future chip’s will not have this upgrade? seems pointless to say that unless there are models that do not have an 8gb nand chip present?


If you’ve got an 8GB CHIP in there, then the only difference would be a handful of kernel modules.

Correct, in the last shipped batch, and for the forseeable future all CHIPs shipping will have an actual 4GB of NAND instead of 8GB[which used to pretend they were 4GB].


God dammit. And here I was in the belief that the CHIPs I just ordered recently would have 8GB :angry:


Does the alpha chip have anything that chip doesn’t have or anything that’s better?
I know it has 3 mounting holes and I assume it has an 8GB flash. What else?


When exactly did the first batch with 4GB get produced? I ask because I got a C.H.I.P a couple months ago and would like to know if it has 8GB or 4GB of NAND flash.


You know, hyping in multiple public blog-posts and announcements about the CHIPs now having 8GB storage available instead of 4GB, but then proceeding to not mention anywhere in the announcement/blog-post that “Hey, this only applies to select already-shipped CHIPs and won’t even apply to any new ones, so don’t make purchase-decisions based on this!” seems quite scummy.


So the chip in transit to me right niw is just a 4 gig nand module?


I actually just went and re-flashed twice to figure out why I didn’t show 8G … and it’s because my chip is a 4G Toshiba.

So, yeah, the announcement is a bit off - the storage on mine is not going to be doubling. Not a big issue, but, well, a bit disappointing after reading that it would be.


When the Alpha chips are described as non beginner… how non beginner is that?

I guess a more easily answered question is how far away from “flash it and it’s ready” are they?


is there an easy way to work out if its a toshiba 4g chip or the 8g chip


Yes when you plug in to the flasher it tell you


Is there somewhere I can actually download the images? The web flasher isn’t working, and when I try to run the extension it’s asking me for a chp file, which I haven’t seen a place to download that from.


Are the legacy images going to be maintained for the 8gb chips?


So - I can’t even get to the page with images anymore…

Chrome/web flasher starts off in beginner mode - and just cycles through “detecting” CHIP… Tried it twice (once in Chromium, same symptoms in Google Chrome on amd64 Linux). Rebooted - everything…

CHIP DETECTED Reading details from it

For an hour or so :

Noob problem - flasher stuck on 'reading details from it...'

Are you on flasher 4.0.2? It should auto-update, but if not, you can delete it from chrome://extensions and it will get re-added on flash.getchip.com



I’ve deleted it and re-installed - same symptom…

All I really wanted to do was download the new images anyway… but I guess I’d need to go through this palaver again if I wanted to actually flash one of the new images…

Might have to install the SDK? I wanted to flash one of my CHIPs with the new headless 4.4 image with 8 GB flash (my 5 current CHIPs are all 8 GB)…