3D Acceleration for C.H.I.P., Improved Web Flasher, and Alpha C.H.I.P.s are back!


Based on the response headers, you’re serving directly from the S3 bucket. S3 is not reeeeeeally intended to be a public HTTP server, particularly for large objects. If you stick CloudFront in front of your bucket, you’ll see performance, latency, and reliability improve. :slight_smile:


Not sure, but I imagine the smaller and more integrated R8m used in the Alpha Chip uses smaller technology production (fewer nm) than the R8. That in turn might mean the Alpha Chip has lower power requirements.

I read somewhere the reason why the R8 was used in the final product instead of the smaller R8m is because the kickstarter rewards outnumbered the world supply of R8m chips. Don’t know if that is true or not, though. It is also possible the R8m ended up being too expensive to meet the $9 goal.

None of this is based on concrete knowledge, so take it with a grain of salt.


Yup. It looks like we’ll set that up soon. Thanks for confirming our suspicions.


I thought I read somewhere that only alpha chips had 8gb nand? Nice to have the extra 4gb. Any normal person would be shocked if there device magically gained storage from updating


I am so glad to hear about the GPU drivers. I had started to lose hope. I would like to see the device tree entries for the new driver. I am hoping to use my own TFT displays with CHIP and will need to change the resolution. I noticed that on the nextthing/4.4/chip branch that the mali driver was added to the device tree, but I don’t see any entries for pocket-chip’s display. If someone could help me find the right file/branch I would be extremely grateful.


Hi, I just got my chip updated to 4.4 with no problem, also installed Kodi and it runs, however after some time it got freeze so I need to hard reset, not sure if I missing something here. As a workaround I tried to boot on console mode, however kodi wont run showing error “unable to create GUI”.


So does anyone know when the first batch of C.H.I.Ps were shipped with the 4GB of NAND flash?


This month,

to the best of my knowledge folks just started getting them within the last week. The easy way to tell is to look at the NAND on your CHIP and see if it says hynix or TOSHIBA the toshiba ones are permanently 4GB.


My parents ordered me a CHIP for Christmas on November 11 because I saw that the extra 4 gigs was supposedly a software update, so were we too late in ordering? Would we get a 4 gigabyte CHIP or an 8 gigabyte CHIP?


@Jalonzpa The extra 4GB had to do with the NAND flash. Unfortunately the NAND flash chip that was used to make earlier 1.0 C.H.I.Ps is no longer used and as such if you were to order a C.H.I.P now it would only come with 4GB of NAND flash. I would order one because 4GB is still enough for most projects. C.H.I.P is a wonderful computer and I would get one if I were you (if you don’t already have one).


Yes I ordered one.


I am not very sad about this, although it would be nice to have an extra 4 gigs. Thanks for answering so quickly!


@Jalonzpa If you need more just get a USB flash drive. Your welcome!


@greg123 Yes I was thinking about that. I don’t think I will need that much storage though. :blush:


Could you add the 4.4.11 images to the legacy section? IMO, 4.4.11 will be more useful than 4.3.


Don’t be too sad that you ‘just’ missed getting 8GB. If you ordered back in February and just got you C.H.I.P. like me, you also would not be getting the 8GB ‘free’ upgrade. The ‘Shipped to date’ was misleading (my chip had shipped before this announcement).


So if my CHIP was shipped in in first days of november, will i recieve version with 8 GB nand or 4? Can you explain this to me please?


If you have Hynix FLASH, it’s 8GB. Toshiba is all 4GB.

NTC always advertised 4GB of FLASH, so it just means that the earlier adopters have a bonus for buying in sooner.


NTC told me if you ordered mid-October or sooner, you would get the 8 gig Hynix NAND Flash. So, I would guess that you will not receive an 8 gigabyte CHIP. 4 gigs is usually enough for most projects you would use CHIP for, but if you need more storage, you can use a USB stick.


I ordered in September just got it today (yay) how do I tell by looking if it’s Hynix or not and do I need to flash to use my hdmi board

Also what happened to the boxes?