531 Previously Delayed Canadian Shipments Now Shipping


Canadian CHIPsters,

There has been a lot of confusion around delayed Pre-Order shipments caused by the threatened Canada Post work stoppage. The delay effected 531 pre-orders placed before January 31st that had confirmed addresses by July 15th.

As of July 27th, all pre-orders from CHIPsters who placed their pre-order before January 31st and confirmed their address before July 15th have shipped. Tracking has been updated at track.getchip.com and pre-ordered goods should arrive shortly.

What caused the delay?
When the Canada Post work stoppage was threatened, our logistics partner informed us that it could disrupt all pre-orders going to Canada and strongly recommended that we hold shipments until the work stoppage was over. If the work stoppage caused pre-orders to be rejected by Canada Post, all goods would be stuck in customs limbo or sent back to our Hong Kong warehouse. Given our partners recommendation and the potential loss of 531 shipment our logistics partner withheld all Canadian shipments.

The work stoppage didn’t happen, but holding the shipments required the relabeling and reprocessing of each of the 531 shipments.

Our logistics partner has taken full responsibility for the cause of the delay and in a show of good faith has agreed to pay for all duties and taxes that delayed Canadian pre-order customers would normally be responsible for.

We’re truly sorry about the delay and wish you already had your pre-order in hand.

If you placed your pre-order before January 31st and confirmed your address before July 15th you can go to track.getchip.com right now and check the status of your pre-order. If you don’t see updated tracking information, encounter any problems with your pre-order or have any other questions please don’t hesitate to contact ahoyahoy@nextthing.co.

Going forward
All pre-orders will still be responsible for paying duties and taxes. We’re working on a solution that will allow pre-order duties and taxes to be calculated and payed online before shipment. This solution will work for most but not all countries we currently ship to.

We’ll be sharing more about our logistics improvements as soon as information becomes available. We can’t wait to see what our Canadian friends build with C.H.I.P.!

Much Love,

Dave & The NTC Crew

Pre-Order Shipping Updates & Scaling Up C.H.I.P. Production


Hi @elevenarms. Nice to hear about the taxes and duties being covered. My PocketC.H.I.P. from Kickstarter, which arrived a couple of weeks ago, cost me another $21 at my doorstep. So, thanks. And say thanks to you logistics partner.



Just got my preordered pocket Chip in Canada.