A flatbed scanner and a pocketCHIP walk into the woods (Taking photos with pocketCHIP)


Hey guys!

I’m currently working on a tutorial series of photography with pocketCHIP.

I just put up a tutorial of my first photography experiment on Github - Scanography!: https://github.com/panicrun/pocketCHIP-photography

This first tutorial is meant for people who are completely new to pocketCHIP / hacking, but want to do something cool with insta-nice results - frustration free (hopefully!!).
-> NO CODING OR SOLDERING SKILLS NEEDED! Suitable for all newbies out there! :slight_smile:

I found the pocketCHIP to be very suitable for taking “scanographs” as it’s super light and easy to handle. Especially when trekking through the woods!

I’ve been trying to get non-tech people into computers and programming for a while now and so far this has been my most effective project to get people interested in hardware/computers. :wink:


That’s really nice! How is the scanner powered? And what is driving it?


That’s the cool thing: the scanner barely needs any power so you can just power it from your pocketCHIP via USB (plug and play)! I took around 40 scans and it didn’t even drain half of my pocketCHIP’s battery! For driving you can use the scanimage lib (which is probably already installed on your CHIP!).


Nice what kind of scanner is it?


Fabulous project! :+1:


Just some cheap Canon one I got off eBay. :wink:


I bought a pocketchip specifically for this project. I started scanning right away, even though my chip didn’t arrive till months later. Thank you very much for sharing this great project and please check out some of my scans! https://scannz.tumblr.com


Dang I really wanted to see the pics you scanned but it won’t let me see them cause I’m not using the tumbler app.

What scanner are you using? I know it needs to be powered by pocket chip or something.


Really? That’s weird. I’m on mobile and I can see them just fine. What OS are you on?


iOS those appy things just don’t like to be loaded outside of the app environment.


Awe. some. I have a USB-powered Canoscan that Canon and OSX stopped supporting a few versions ago. Now I’m wondering if there is potential for pinhole scanography somehow…


Its sad really i ised to see these scanners all the time at the thrift stores, now that i want one none.


aye, actually working on this atm! :slight_smile:


Hey the Link doesnt work anymore.

Can anybody help me and send me the Commands do work with the scanner?

Kind regards Michael


It looks like this is the new repo location. I think they changed their GitHub username:


This project here inspired me to do something similar with my Raspberry Pi 3:

I ended up making a bash script around scanimage for automatically using an incremented name, and reading a config file for parameter flags: https://github.com/ScriptAutomate/pi-scanography