A voice input project


Woooweee, hacking the CHIP to convert Video Out to Audio In was a bit stressful, but it worked and I thought I would share what I created. The CHIP now lives in a rotary phone mounted to my wall. When I pick up the receiver, voice recognition software is executed, and when a preset voice command is spoken the software will run a shell script associated with the voice command. Currently, the only preset voice commands are “lights on” and “lights off”.

The hardware build:

Software explanation:


Excellent! It came out looking quite nice!

Reminds me of the CHIP Alexa project I saw floating around recently, haha.


Phonos is great! So is the Bluetooth Toaster! Wonderful write-ups! Had to share on the NTC blog! Thanks @jezra!



Remind anyone else of this? :smiley:


Talky was the inspiration for my first toaster hack!