About chip and pocket chip


just wondering if the pocket chip UI can work on plain CHIP+ bt keyboard+ av out? how to install it on plain CHIP?


I have never tried this, so I have no idea if it will work, but you might be able install the Marshmallow version of the Pocket C.H.I.P. interface by following the directions in his post here:

One thing I did notice, is that the home screen and menu screens are setup mainly to use the touchscreen rather than a mouse. You might try asking Marshmallow if he know how to do that, since he did a huge amount of the his work on a desktop computer, without a Pocket C.H.I.P., he may know a few secrets he can share.


PocketHome is a regular program, so it can be used on any computer, even on a “regular” laptop, however, you may have some problems regarding the size. Indeed, the window is adapted to 480x272, so by making it bigger, some panels won’t be adapted. Moreover, the program is made for hiding the cursor, as it’s meant to be used with a touchscreen, so you won’t see the cursor.
However, the good news is those two issues can be sovled (mainly displaying a cursor is very easy, only one line of code) :yum:

Problem seeing mouse pointer

thanks for the reply. just wondering if you could make the UI to detect whether there is a mouse plugged in. and display cursor accordingly. thx


Hello Marsh’ :wink:

I, for one, would very much like to get my cursor back :grin: I use my Pchip a lot of time with a BT keyboard with an embedded trackball. Not having the cursor is rather perturbing … Especially when it keeps popping in and out because I’m using a soft that allows the cursor but not the pocket-home.

Et au passage, toutes mes félicitations pour le travail accompli avec le pocket-home ! C’est génial comme soft :astonished::trophy::bow:
T’es une fois un vrai crack, Fieu ! :grin: :smiling_imp:

Octopus, Belge poulpe :octopus::beer::chocolate_bar::fries:


Hi @Profoctopus,

I didn’t think about this possibility, so I will try to add an option in the Advanced Settings panel to be able to display the cursor

Merci beaucoup! C’est un plaisir pour moi, j’espère que ça continuera de vous plaire. Si tu as d’autres suggestions ou idées, n’hésite pas :wink: