Apple IIe Mini powered by C.H.I.P


After a little more effort than I was hoping for, I have finished my C.H.I.P. based Apple IIe mini computer. Runs off of a 12V drone battery, has ~10 hours of battery life. I just figured I would share it here as it is a project made possible by this tiny little $9 computer. Works with a bluetooth keyboard and joystick, the power button on the monitor does work and is used to switch the computer on and off. Audio works as well. It’s entirely self contained, nothing external is required (Except bluetooth stuff)

A custom PCB header is used to convert the 12V to 5V for the C.H.I.P itself as well as to provide some breakouts for the speaker, the power switch, and the 12V to the screen. Screen is a 3" TFT LCD TV from Adafruit.


No banan a for scale? Way cool!


Hi can i have the Permission to use the Photos ?


Go for it


That thing is sweet, I’d love to have the skill to build it, much less the ability to just get my current chips to run apple // emulators!


Source files and build instructions released:

Let me know if you build your own!


Totally cool! I love it.


A couple of videos have been uploaded to YouTube for those interested in seeing/hearing it in action.