Approximately how many CHIP users are there?


Howdy folks, I enjoy writing free technical books for the community. Links to existing books at the end. I have just received a couple of CHIPs and am considering writing a book for the CHIP community. My dilemma is that there are so many products on the market place and I only have so much time to devote to one project or another. If I start to write a book on CHIP then that will be a commitment. And now … the question …

Do we have a handle on approximately how many individual users are out there and may become out there that might be CHIP users? I’m trying to determine the potential readership size if a free book were to be made available?


Other books:
Raspberry Pi


Hey Ive read the ESP8266 book in the past!

You can check the ammount of preorders thats potentially how many chipsters we are



Thanks guys, so we might estimate between 25,000 and 75,000 distinct users bases on 100,000 shipped units (assuming folks are buying multiple units). That’s enough to make it interesting for a book. Thanks guys … this looks promising.


This fantastic community has been growing tremendously and I think that there would be plenty of interest!


Don’t forget to make the title googleable. :)))


“Googleable” sounds like a bad name for the title of the book :slight_smile:


These numbers are good news in units sold. I’d be interested what total sells will be by year’s end.


a book on chip would be interesting i would give it a read :closed_book:


Small world. I just downloaded your book on the ESPs the other day, linked from here:

As part of my Christmas light hobby, I actually updated the FPP installer to work with a CHIP:

I’m hoping to look into SPI support for direct driving of pixels in the near future, but I’ve been very busy and I’m still learning about how device trees work to get pixel support functional.


Ooh. I can’t wait to read it when you make it. I know I bought 3 in the kick starter and have another 3 that will eventually come that I preorded when the preorder option came out as an option.


You guys are really encouraging me!!! What I do is release my books at the 1st of each month so none of my books are ever “finished”. My model is that they are free to download but a suggested donation of $5 is requested should you find value within. It is that modest income that keeps me updating as we go along. I usually wait until there are about 300 pages of content before providing any releases. Knowing my production rate and factoring in other responsibilities, that would mean a target initial release at the start of November.

To see what I am aiming for, see the latest release for the Raspberry Pi book seen here …

My initial thinking is to re-work that style and structure for CHIP. Since CHIP has far less existing public domain knowledge, a lot of my material will have to be researched from the ground up … which is of course slower … but also means that the content of any such book would be that much more “useful” to all.


As I start to get my feet wet with this excellent community and surfed around, looking at the “badges” section, I seem to see that the number of registered users of this community is under 3000. This caused me to pause … if we are thinking that there are north of 25,000 distinct users, why then is the number of community users at about 12%? Doesn’t that seem a little low? Am not sure what that says … is CHIP so easy to use … no need for questions? Are all the answers that one needs already present? … not sure … I need to mull on it some more.


@kolban thats just the number that uses the forum but you could look here to see how many people have ordered them
The KickStarter has 39560 Backer
The Shipping update Forum Thread shows number of orders from April to July
so there would be many more than that i would assume.


How many users?


I think it’s


Someone had to do it. :))))


It’s worse than you think. Of those ~3000 users, some have already gotten their questions answered. That’s not to say they won’t be back, but I doubt that even half that many come to the board regularly. I.e. creating a topic advertising your book might be noticed by less than 1000 users.

However, I would be happy to add a link to any books you create in the pinned “Troubleshooting and Learning Center” topic, so as new users sign on and look for help, they are likely to find it.

So it is a bit of a gamble. Remember that CHIP is still in “pre-order” mode and won’t be “GA” until around the end of the year. I think one could imagine an uptick in new BBS members around that time.

So, is CHIP so easy to use that people don’t need to ask questions? No, I think that many more than 3000 people have visited the BBS and didn’t bother creating an account because they were able to search their answers. There are plenty of sites out there that I have not created accounts on because my questions have been asked and answered.

So as long as your book is well-indexed by google, I would imagine a lot of hits as time progresses.


Another way to think about it is, having a book would inspire some to purchase a chip. The more resources on a product, the more likely someone is to buy it. [quote=“fordsfords, post:18, topic:7507”]
around the end of the year. I think one could imagine an uptick in new BBS members around that time.
Without a doubt, once people can readily get their hands on a chip, the amount of people will go up.

Also, I believe there’s a good chance that NTC would promote your book.


:book: Coming September 2016 …