[APT] Pocket Home (Marshmallow edition)


How hard would it be to make it so you could re-arrange the icons without having to delete them all then add them back in the correct order?


I’ve got to say I’m loving even some of the simplest things which I’m surprised weren’t included in the official Home menu. Specifically the battery percentage.

Keep up the great work!


@Pixelbit Thank you for your support !

@Levi5885 : If it’s something like a list of all the installed icons and we just have to move items, it’s not too complicated. However, if it’s directly from the menu, with update without rebooting, it’s more complicated. Both method can be done, but I think the second option is more user-friendly


Thanks for all your awesome contributions, @marshmallow!

For those interested in how to install @marshmallow’s Pocket Home fork and also install Doom with a custom icon, check out the latest blog post.


Hi marshmallow - I enjoy the modification you made quite a bit. I have one small issue - the Function+Symbol keystroke’s have changed and I do not understand how to correct them back to the original value. This makes doing things in Command Prompt screen problematic because some characters are no longer available.

I see others are able to correct the issue - but I do not understand how to myself … Can you teach me what to do?



@dcschelt I thank you and NTC members for creating this awesome computer ! I can’t wait to receive it and add even more featues. It’s a peasure for me to help making PocketCHIP experience a bit better

@Durstwulf Your Fn key doesn’t work after installing the home ? Even after rebooting ?
Some people had a similar poblem but only after executing command sudo systemctl restart lightdm (so after rebooting the CHIP, the problem disappeared) and solution @Celti gave was to execute this command to load the right key mapping : xmodmap /home/chip/.Xmodmap


It’s just not installing for me:

chip@chip:~$ ./install-pockethome
Downloading new package link
–2016-07-12 15:39:15-- https://drive.google.com/uc?export=download&id=0B1jRc4IqT9kiSVVIOE8wd2w4Zkk
Resolving drive.google.com (drive.google.com)…, 2607:f8b0:4006:806::200e
Connecting to drive.google.com (drive.google.com)||:443… connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 400 Bad Request
2016-07-12 15:39:15 ERROR 400: Bad Request.

Checking if new version is available
./install-pockethome: line 6: gt: command not found
./install-pockethome: line 6: /tmp/version: No such file or directory
./install-pockethome: line 7: gt: command not found
./install-pockethome: line 7: /tmp/link: No such file or directory
./install-pockethome: line 8: syntax error near unexpected token ;&' ./install-pockethome: line 8:(diff /tmp/version ~/.pocket-home/.version && echo ‘Already up-to-date.’) || ’

EDIT: Nevermind. I was following the steps at http://blog.nextthing.co/customize-the-hell-out-of-your-pocketc-h-i-p-install-doom-give-it-an-icon-on-the-home-screen/ which apparently uses an older/different file.



xmodmap /home/chip/.Xmodmap

Worked perfect, Thank you.

I was trying to use the add icon in Marshmallow. I get the new Icon but can not get the program associated with it to run.

The Program is in:
The Game Start Command is

Can you help me to make the Icon work to launch the game?

Again Thank you.



How do we uninstall this version of Pocket Home if we want to go back to the official NTC home?


@emdkay No problem, I will try to not change the url from now on :wink:

@Durstwulf So the shell command you should write is :
(Or ~/d1x-rebirth_v0.58.1-src/d1x-rebirth as ~ is a shortcut for /home/chip)


Thank you,

I still have not been able to get the game to work with you’r help, It may simply be a typo so I will try several more times.

At least I learned a shortcut to typing the “/home/chip” so many times.

Again thank you.



No problem but I want to help you making it work :wink:

When you enter a terminal and type home/chip/d1x-rebirth_v0.58.1-src/d1x-rebirth (without even cd), does your game launch ?


No, I get:

bash: home/chip/d1x-rebirth_v0.58.1-src/d1x-rebirth: No such file or directory



@Durstwulf : Oops my bad, I am sorry, I forgot the / in the beggining it’s :


From the chip@chip:~$ prompt I type

cd d1x-rebirth_v0.58.1-src

then from the chip@chip:~/d1x-rebirth_v0.58.1-src$ I type


and the game launches.

Does that help to spot my error?



Yes it helps :grin:
The correct command is the one I gave you /home/chip/d1x-rebirth_v0.58.1-src/d1x-rebirth
Don’t forget the inital /


OK will try …

the last command is “.d1x-rebirth”

with a “.” in front of the “d1x-rebirth”

is this a detail that is hanging me up?



In Linux, the . means “current folder”, so executing ;
d1x-rebirth means you want to execute the binary called d1x-rebirth located in PATH folder (typically /usr/bin, you can display the PATh with echo $PATH)

./d1x-rebirth means you want to execute the binary called d1x-rebirth located in the current folder (you can get the current folder with pwd command)

So :
is equivalent to :
and even to :
/home/chip/d1x-rebirth_v0.58.1-src/./././d1x-rebirth, and so on :stuck_out_tongue:


Yep that is the syntax of the command that runs the game from the game folder.

so the Icon command line needs to read:





In the current version of the home (, absolute path aren’t supported for the Icon field. I have corrected this bug yesterday so it will working be in the next release. But what you can do is to add your icon in the folder /usr/share/pocket-home/ and then simply write its name in the Iconfield. Here is an example :
If your icon is located in /home/chip/d1x-rebirth_v0.58.1-src/icon.png, you can use:
sudo cp /home/chip/d1x-rebirth_v0.58.1-src/icon.png /usr/share/pocket-home/icon.png

and then in the Customize menu, you simply need to write icon.png in the field Icon :wink:

I think I should create and add a file browser to let people select their file easily