Best birthday gift from NTC


got my shipping notification today. i pre-ordered on July 21st

stoked is an understatement and to wake up to this in my inbox made my day!


Accurate file name :grin:


I’ve preordered mine on July 9th but i haven’t yet received the shipping notification. :frowning:


Mine was only dispatched 4 days ago and I pre-ordered on 26th of May. Your order is due to dispatch by approximately September 22nd according to the NTC update, @alestanga


Seriously stoked. lol


Hmmm. Nice! :smiley: Than mine should start it’s journey too :slight_smile: AAAAWWW SO EXCITES AALAALALALLAALLAL


Is that a PocketCHIP or just CHIPboards ?




I checked my email when I got to work and almost wooped out loud LOL :grinning: SO STOAKED right now.


congrats! what was your preorder date?


anyone already have a list of stuff to do? i am trying to figure out how to use RF to run a sound board for my garage audio system so when we play D&D i can play the FF7 fanfare over the sound system with a single press from my pocket chip. i also want to try to use the gpio for stuff like lights, and speaker for gaming


my pocketchip just shipped too! (the one you see me making posts with was a ebay special… I dont wanna talk about the price haha) it will be cool to have two so I can do more unstable expreimenting with one and alwats have a backup whoo


May 30th if I remember correctly.


This is an awesome idea :smile:


our DM used to do it with his phone, but i think i can make something more epic and i want to add like maybe a Homer Simpson “DOH” for when someone rolls a 1 or something


How is this possible???! I ordered mine in January and received this notice on 8.31.16
Next Thing Co.
to me
8 days agoDetails

In the lead up to your C.H.I.P.'s manufacturing batch, we discovered a series of bugs relating to the long-term reliability of our new Toshiba NAND flash storage. Our software team has been hard at work, stress-testing the bug fixes before your C.H.I.P.’s software can be released to production. Because of this, we have temporarily paused manufacturing C.H.I.P.s until we can deliver a C.H.I.P. experience that everyone would be proud to use.

We are planning to complete our NAND QA process and release a new factory image by Friday of this week, with manufacturing resuming shortly thereafter.

Based on this information, we estimate that orders including C.H.I.P.s will resume shipping mid-October.

We completely understand if you find this news unacceptable and are more than happy to process full or partial refunds. Simply respond to this email with your order number and your request and we’ll take care of it. As this is a Holiday weekend, it may take us a week to process the refund.

If you’re curious, you can read more about our manufacturing process on the NTC forum.

everyone at NTC

(you received this email because we owe you a shipment of it


read this post update


Yeah ordered on 3 Juli 2016 an tadahhhh


Got email too on 9 sept. Order on 14 july for my bday present for myself. Lol.
Cant wait any longer to play it.:slight_smile: