C.H.I.P. & PocketC.H.I.P. In Stock for the Holidays! 3D Acceleration ALPHA!


C.H.I.P.sters and Pocketeers!

Tons of GR8 news! All Preorders are shipping and we now have stock available to ship for the December holidays. We’ve also released a new Alpha PocketC.H.I.P. image with hardware accelerated 3D support and the amazing new 1.9 release of Pico-8! Let’s get on with the details…

Pre-orders shipping now! New Orders Shipping in time for your December holiday of choice!

C.H.I.P.s and PocketC.H.I.P.s are in stock and shipping. All preorders with confirmed address (confirm your address here!) will ship over the next week and orders placed now will ship in time for the December holidays!

Orders placed starting today no longer require address confirmation. This applies only to new orders, not existing preorders.

We’re also working with our shipping partners to add an expedited shipping option. We want to make sure any order placed in November, stock withstanding, ships in time for the December holiday of your choice.

3D on PocketC.H.I.P. Alpha!

You’ve been clamoring for it and we heard you loud and clear. Today we’re releasing an Alpha image l for PocketC.H.I.P., available from the online flasher, that includes the MALI-400 3D acceleration driver. This is still Alpha software and should be considered EXPERIMENTAL. In testing, we haven’t encountered any stability issues, but this Alpha image is not ready for mission critical PocketC.H.I.P. deployments. Remember, ALPHA. Backup your data and HACK THE PLANET!

NAND there’s more!

Thanks to the NTC software team and the hard work of our friends at Free Electrons, you can now play 3D accelerated Quake III. But that’s not the only feature of the new Alpha image. We’ve also added a new driver for MLC NAND support, so once you flash your PocketC.H.I.P., you’ll have 8GB of storage! We’ll be releasing an Alpha MLC & 3D image for C.H.I.P. next week. This applies to all C.H.I.P.s and PocketC.H.I.P.s in the wild.

Pico-8 Version 1.9!

The latest and greatest Pico-8 version 1.9 is included in the new PocketC.H.I.P. 3D Alpha and you can play it right now. We’re working on a way to update Pico-8 directly without reflashing to the 3D Alpha. Release for the Pico-8 update is scheduled for next week, stay tuned!

We can’t wait to see what you’re going to do with the new C.H.I.P. and PocketC.H.I.P. software!

Much much more to come,

Dave & The Whole NTC Crew

Finally 3D Gaming on PocketChip!
Does anyone have source/binary for mali-fbdev for the CHIP? (mali-400)
PocketCHIP 3D image on CHIP
Flashing problems with 3Dsupport
Pico update to 0.1.8?
Problems using a C.H.I.P. in the U.K
Flashing problems with 3Dsupport
Status of order


WOHHOO! Great job NTC!


This is AWESOME, flashing my PocketCHIP now! Thanks to everyone that helped get this working!


One more here to congratulate the team!
Great job everybody! :+1:


Great news! Can’t wait to try quake. :smiley:


Wait, if I flash my pchip, I’ll get 8 gigs??

How is this possible I thought only the alphas had 8gig written as4


this is great news! however, don’t forget cifs and uvcvideo support in next week’s release.


I just flashed mine and it shows just under 8GBs available. It would seem their old driver only had access to 4GBs of the storage. Setting up quake right now as well! :slight_smile:


Actually all CHIPs shipped up until now had 8GB NAND chips that were being used in an SLC mode. Now that we’ve got the MLC driver worked out, that means a free 4GB for everyone!


Weird, I can’t get the 4.4 firmware to flash. 4.3 works just fine. I get the “flashing failed” error every time. I’ve tried several different cables, Macbook Pro and Windows desktop, USB 2.0 hub, etc.


Great work! I have some questions for the team or anyone who is able to answer them:

Will anytime be available without flashing? I don’t know if it is possible without an update, while I am pretty sure that flashing again is the only way to get all the storage.

Linked to this, what about a way to backup all the data in a image we could flash? I have been looking at the forums but I think everything is WIP, it would be nice (and I don’t want to compare) to have easy backups as Raspberry Pi.

I do understand that this is not like a final product and it is something for people who doesn’t have problems in testing, flashing, and setting up again. But I don’t feel like setting up everything again.


Did he just say DRM+KMS in that video? MAINLINE?!
I think I need a change of underwear!!!


This is seriously awesome news!

I probably won’t have time to re-flash and get everything back up and running this month, but am super excited to try out the new image in December!

Totally lied. My PocketChip is now running the latest image, and I’m very tired (though excited to see the changes firsthand).
Goodnight all!


Will there be a patch for Dirty Cow included in next week’s alpha release?


So, can i flash it in the pocket chip housing or do i have to take ot out.


Can the original chip run quake?


Hi Iker,

unfortunately the 3D implementation relies on the kernel, which in turn requires a differently formatted partition. Trying to introduce one of these parts without the others would lead to breakage. We know it’s not ideal for people to keep having to reformat their devices, but it’s only necessary because we’re making such large sweeping improvements to the platform.

As far as a backup utility goes. One of our internal projects has been making some headway, but as of yet, nothing that’s ready for public use.

– Ben

New driver without reflashing?

since I’m still noob, I have a mac AIR with usb 3 ports what do I need to flash my pocket when I get it backed up?

Also, when I get my Chip next weekish, will I need to flash it to use my HDMI adapter or is it already gonna be on the latest build or whatever you call it.


Hardly a noob, a majority of the staff here does their devving on Macbooks.

Anyways, in pockethome, press the Power icon > Flash Software > Yes.

Once you see the Chipster, plug the PocketCHIP into your computer and give the flasher a go at flash.getchip.com

Things can get hairy with Macs, as well as with USB3 ports. That said, it may just work first try. Some users have better luck using USB2 hubs plugged into their USB3 ports.

If you’re getting a CHIP out of the latest batch, it’ll have the 4.4 DIP image already flashed to it :slight_smile:

– Ben