C.H.I.P. & PocketC.H.I.P. In Stock for the Holidays! 3D Acceleration ALPHA!


Hi Ben,

Thank you for your answer. I supposed that it was at kernel level so no more options than flashing. Now that I am sure, I’ll just wait at least till beta, I don’t feel like setting up everything now.

Let’s see if backup is available in a future :slight_smile:



Thanks, I will do that tomorrow, I need a USB 2 hub,
I don’t need a paperclip do I?


You only need a jumper if you take the CHIP out to flash it. But using the on-screen reboot-to-flash-mode menu on PocketCHIP takes care of it for you in software. You can do it either way though, the choice is yours!

– Ben


oh hell yess! and congrats guys! makes grabby hands


Ok, I flashed, and used my left side USB3 port because I had noticed it had worked when the right side seemed to not work, now to reinstall stuff lol


Took me a few tries (I literally own no USB 2.0 stuff, at least nothing hubbish), but it finally took after I downloaded the image and used the “Choose a File…” flasher. Voodoo maybe, but worth a shot if you only have USB 3 and it keeps failing.

Doubling my flash is a neat trick. I dare you to do it again. :grin:

Actually, seriously - thank you for this. I appreciate the ongoing support. It’s kinda sad - I work with big iron, million dollar servers at work, multi-million dollar vendor support contracts - And the support from the vendor and community for a $49 toy computer (that’s oh so much more than a toy) blows that “professional” support out of the water.

May your beer be blessed for seven years!


Oh, nice. I just recently ordered two CHIPs and I should be receiving them in a few weeks, so it’s quite nice news that I’ll be getting double the on-board storage as what I thought I was getting.


Yussssss GPU driver!! Awesome news, guys! Congrats on finally making that happen.


i was thinking it would be good to order some chips and pocketchips as christmas presents but i was thinking there would be no point to but now because of this i might just do that lets just hope there isint another delay and shipping to Australia docent take forever


doubling our on-board storage is the best feature I’ve ever heard of!

can’t wait to see what else you guys come up with! :slight_smile:


If that’s the case you should update C.H.I.P. specs to 8gb of storage (and stick with it).
BTW is the new Toshiba NAND is also 8 gig one?


do we have more modules as well already compiled?


I hope this kernel can load modules more easily as tun/tap and others…


Hi, all. My order is shipping now but in LANDMARK TRACKING site in the “Shipped To” section there is only country, city and the postal code, no exact address and no name. is it normal ?


Yes it leave off details for security


ok, thanks


8GB CHIP with Mali is coming too!

Yes, and there’s more to come!

These just got added to the testing kernel, but the big news with the kernel is that we’re finally down to a single branch for all platforms, so adding new modules is going to be easier than ever. And I hope to do more/faster updates.


is it possible to partition the nand and install both pocket chip and chip images at the same time since there is now 8gb of space available


Guys, amazing work! I’ll flash my PocketCHIP asap. However, I have a question: How does the NAND goes from 4GB to 8GB? I sincerely don’t understand.


The new versions of C.H.I.P have 8gb of storage.

@Ramayaben To be honest, I’m not sure. Go use the “df” commands in the terminal to check how much storage you have: http://www.tecmint.com/how-to-check-disk-space-in-linux/