C.H.I.P. & PocketC.H.I.P. In Stock for the Holidays! 3D Acceleration ALPHA!


Oh, but it was possible to only use 4GB? I’ve got mine in August, do you think I have 8GB? Thanks in advance.


@computermouth thanks for adding dtb-overlay support and the enc28j60 module! :heart:

Have you added the 5" support ? https://github.com/NextThingCo/CHIP-linux/issues/61


Edit: and uboot is fixed to support more than 1 DIP at the time thanks @mripard


its always been 8gb of nand but the drivers they used limited to 4gb and now they updated them to use 8gb because they were using the nand in slc (single level cell) and now there using mlc (multi level cell) for the nand which store 2 or more bit a cell were with slc it only store 1 bit per cell


Thanks for the info.


so i need to remove all my data to get the update? would have been cool to be able to update it via the command line or sumthin.


Can you list the modules that are being included this time around?


If you just want a list of all the modules

cat /boot/config*


Given that we’re talking about an image that’s yet to be released, that would be tad hard to do.


Oh sorry, that was in reference to the released PocketCHIP image, which is using the unified kernel.

Additional modules are notated here:


so i tried to read whole thing before asking, i read that( te MLC driver) it will be avail to all chips.
what does one have to do to get the driver for non-pocketchip chips? if this is a repeated question sorry


How do I cancel my order?


Email the guys at ahoyahoy@nextthing.co


@computermouth: that github page shows code for stuff getting accepted, but not module names. Is there a place to see the names of the modules for those of us who do not compile kernels?

And about unified kernel, does this mean NTC will not be coming out with a unified image? I do not think I will ever be able to flash my PocketCHIP, and am waiting until a unified image is available on bare CHIPs being ordered to order a couple.

And what does this mean for those of us who do not have the necessary combination of time, know-how and hardware to do flashing? I personally am not concerned with the improved graphics or increased on-board storage, as I do not need them, but am concerned about compatibility of updates to chip-specific packages for those of us using older kernels, whatever the reasons.


The unified kernel is stage one of the unified OS. There wilk be a day, in the future, where the CHIP and PocketCHIP will have the same OS.

I’m not sure on the CHIP Pro since its NAND is smaller. (Not saying it can’t be one in the same, but I have a feeling that the CHIP Pro is supposed to be super minimal.)


Just placed my CHIP order! I bet that stock won’t last long… :smile:


Amen, I’m probably up for another as well hope they run a sale on pockets I’d like another but my cheapness cannot justify $20 more for the same thing even though $49 was introductory price


I never got an email about it, but I just checked and see my package has reached the crossdock stage. Hopefully, this time, once it gets here USPS won’t screw up as badly. My PocketChip arrived in New York, then went to Little Rock, Arkansas for some unknown reason, then on to Massachusetts.


I upgraded the other night and I’m very impressed how this is working out. For an Alpha release, this feels more like a very stable upgrade.

Here’s my only issue though. Since the upgrade, my battery is draining super fast. Is that just me or has anyone else experienced this? Not really a big deal because I do plan on buying a better battery in the near future.

Anyways, this was a very welcomed upgrade and I want to thank the programmers at NTC for doing a good job. :slight_smile:


It’s rather confusing. Under shipping estimates on the main getchip page it sounds like back orders are still being processed and here under blog it sounds like all backorders are shipped and new orders are being sent out dayly.


Guess what came in the mail today?


Just kidding, look!

Flashing now and soooo excited to start hacking.