C.H.I.P. & PocketC.H.I.P. In Stock for the Holidays! 3D Acceleration ALPHA!


Received mine in New Zealand @2:45, arranging for the package to be transferred to my base north of the delivery address right now. Time from order to delivery was 5 months 16 days.


I noticed that too, i thought it may be where im using molayer and psx and scumm a lot.

@Speedmonkey027 dang i feel a little bad, i ordered my pocket chip in early may and had it first of august and there are still folks waiting on orders from’15 and i ordered my chip september 11 and its due any day and still folks are waiting from ages ago,


No stats to back it up, but anecdotally it feels like the battery life is shorter after flashing the Alpha image.
Even if there is a difference, I couldn’t be sure how much it relates to changes in configuration and usage versus changes to the image.


Maybe its because the GPU is taking power? This Saturday ill take my.two PocketCHIPs and do some.testing flash them with 4.3 and full.charge/discharge them a couple times on a timer then repeat with 4.4 might do a set idle and a set under load (use a CPU benchmark type tool)


It seems to me that it’s not so much juicing out quicker as it’s dropping by 5% sooner like instead of dropping to 95 at say 96 /95 to dropping to 95 at like 99


I think it’s on my end. I think I’ve been taxing the battery too much and it’s caused it some wear an tear.


kinda silly to mention DRM KMS specifically in the video :stuck_out_tongue: when that’s the only missing part now :wink:


Anybody else waiting for warehouse to process your order?

They must have one helluva backlog list of orders, because last time my order was processed in 2 days, and now 15 days have passed and no news…

No complaints, just mere curiosity.
With end-of-year holidays right around the corner, I guess my order will arrive next year. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I also waited for processing so long. Also Landmark tracker is very laggy, because they import track data from other trackers after package left from Hong-Kong.


FYI, they processed the order yesterday (took them 16 days).


Hi, what about the order 39658?



Please confirm when you will send the C.H.I.P.

I pre ordered it on 06/11/2016


Did you try


Hey. Thanks. Very useful.


Thank you so much, my order is delivering…


Just order two more :slight_smile:


Looks like Christmas came earlier this year! :blush:

Wonderful! :kissing_heart:

Edit: AND tomorrow is a national holiday in Spain! So looking forward to playing with these!


Woow I’m amazed only 2 days from China to mexico thanks NTC team