C.H.I.P. Production Moving Forward! New Shipping Partner!



Great news from NTC HQ! Our new NAND image passed all our tests and is being installed in our factory this week! Manufacturing is on target for us begin shipping C.H.I.P. pre-orders again in mid-October. When pre-orders begin shipping, most will be fulfilled by our new logistics partner: DHL. A new shipping provider means a handful of changes.

TL;DR version

  • To ensure the best possible shipping experience, we are only accepting new pre-orders shipping to the following countries: Australia, Brazil, Russia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United States (these countries account for nearly 90% of our pre-orders to date). Existing pre-orders outside of these countries will still be shipped, just not via DHL.

  • Faster Delivery - For customers in the United States, we are now estimating transit time to be 5 days, down from 2 weeks. For customers outside the USA, DHL estimates an average of around 7-12 days.

  • Better Tracking - Tracking through DHL will be more reliable and transparent.

  • Shipping prices for new pre-orders will increase only $0.75 per shipment on average. We are covering the difference for existing pre-orders.

  • Pre-orders placed on or after September 15th on are estimated to ship in November.

Further Reading

Speed and Reliability
A month ago, we shipped 2000 pre-orders containing 3100 C.H.I.P.s to customers in the United States, via DHL. We saw our shipping time drop from 2 weeks to 5 days. Over those 2000 shipments, we experienced issues with only 6. Two were from bad addresses. Two were from their pre-order arriving (much) sooner than expected. The other two were fixed promptly by DHL.

Over the course of the trial, only .3% of shipments resulted in a support request. Compared to the 20% of shipments generating a support requests when shipping from Hong Kong, this is a big improvement. (12,000 requests over 60,000 shipments).

Improved Customer Service
To date, we’ve had a team working full time to ensure that our products were delivered properly and fixing any customer support tickets relating to shipping. Over the last month, we’ve made some adjustments internally to improve our average response time to around 6 hours (way down from 5 days). DHL will also be doing their own customer support for shipping, 9moving forward. These changes mean you get answers faster and we can put more of our focus onto things more exciting than shipping logistics.

Expanding to new countries
We’re currently working with DHL to add countries to our list and in talks with major distributors across the globe. Are you a distributor? Do you want to help distribute C.H.I.P.? Send an email to sales@nextthing.co.

Shipping prices & Duties and Taxes

A new shipping partner requires an update in our shipping prices. After modeling all our current pre-orders based on DHL’s prices, there was an average increase of only $0.75 per pre-order.

We’ve also received a ton of feedback regarding duties and taxes charges. For much better transparency, we are implementing a duties and taxes calculator into our webstore. For the countries we are able, we’ll charge the duty and tax as part of the shipping calculation during the checkout process. This way, there won’t be surprise charges upon delivery and your package will arrive faster to your door. We hope to have this fully implemented by the end of the month, if not sooner.

More news as it comes! Stay very tuned.

\ (•◡•) / everyone at NTC

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That’s great news! Thanks very much for the update.


Yay! Finally my chip will arrive… Next month


Are hdmi dips still in stock and ready to go?


Alright! NTC living up to their word regarding software! YAAAAY! Now to find out when my chip will be coming, if it will be coming before the end of october.


On the concept of the phrase “pre-orders” … is there a notion of a “full release date”? As I understand it, the CHIP is not yet considered “Generally Available” … is there a target date when it will be considered “released”?


From what I’ve read in this and other threads I believe NTC considers CHIP released but it’s only available as a pre-order item because they have no inventory. Once they ship all the pre-orders they will have some extras from production that become inventory available for immediate shipment and that’s when they’ll say it’s “Generally Available”. At one point they had an estimated date for general availability but I think that was before the NAND issue so I’d assume that date is no longer a valid target.



Tried to order more, but you don’t want to ship to my country now? MUCH ANGRY!


What country?


NTC Please explain shipping issues via DHL. If i dont receive my order by 6th may next year i’m going to revoke my order and request a refund.


Would it be possible to update shipping estimates based on this new information?

Even having read all the announcements and descriptions of why things have been delayed I don’t have a clue as to when I’ll see my PocketCHIP.

In July you sent out an email with estimates based on when PocketCHIP’s were preordered - I’d love to see something similar if possible.


Went to order more CHIPS just to find that NTC decided not to ship to my country anymore. This is strange decision - to ship to Russia but not to majority of the EU countries, for example. I want to hear a clear statement from NTC about when (if ever) they will ship to other countries (and exactly which ones). I do not want to spend my time by going deep into something you would never be able to purchase again. Please tell us your plans. Being in the minority 10% is sucks, so please not alienate us even more, speak to us!


It’s not them, it’s dhl they don’t ship where you are, they’re working on a shipper for you probably they just had so many complaints about the previous shipper taking up to a month to get stuff to people


Then DHL is a strange company, and NTC made a strange choice. I have a huge DHL hub in less than 5 km from my house, their yellow vans are all around, and I had stuff delivered by DHL many times before, and my Pocket Chip was delivered in 7 days (not by DHL, btw, by state post) with no complains from me (or probably anyone else’s in this country), but suddenly DHL don’t ship here. Probably DHL perfectly can, but don’t want to ship here because of too much paperwork (customs, VAT, etc) for that low volumes, It’s just not that profitable for them. Well, fine, business is business, DHL sucks and NTC can lost potential customers.


Actually, it’s quite terrible news :confused: because you just discarded more than half of the world… And how am I going to order my CHIP now???
And @graycrow, http://www.dhl.lt/lt.html as you can see DHL obviously ships to Lithuania, too. I don’t like this shenanigans.


From my experience at work for a different US manufacturer, it is quite possible that DHL has quoted excessive charges to NTC for shipping to your destination. Where I work we are too small to accommodate shipping to many parts of the world for less than $100.00 per shipment so we have to find distributors who can aggregate orders to reduce the shipping costs.

Fortunately NTC is a much bigger company than the one I work for, so they are nearly certain to find a good solution to ship to your country in the near future.


Well, if that’s the case, I would be pretty happy to buy it using the older shipping method. If it has 20% loss rate, it could still be covered by increasing the shipping price to something like $10 instead of the $6.22 we had before.


We want everything fast, cheap and problem-free. You can’t have all, sadly… :sweat:


At this point, I just want it deliverable… Anything up to $10, up to 2 months… I don’t care. Just get it here.


I wanted to order 3 C.H.I.P. + vga adapter + a couple of cables. Taxes to France is now $12! (+ $10 shipping) For a $49 order, I think I’ll pass. Too many taxes. I prefered when it was shipping from Asia.