C.H.I.P. Production Moving Forward! New Shipping Partner!


Much to my surprise, mine arrived today - from a local (Canadian) shipping company. Yay no import duty!

(still coulda done without the $10 Visa exchange rate hit when NTC erroneously cancelled one of my orders though, dammit)


Taxes isn’t the company or shipper, it’s France.


I know that, but if the gouv requests some taxes, then they can do it during the import. For a small parcel, they usually don’t do it. I’ve imported several products from china, and I’ve never got extra taxes or import duty (and I’ve also never add any package lost).
Now I only regret I haven’t ordered more stuff when it was still shipping from Asia.


This is partly good news, but using DHL as expeditor just plain sucks for everyone not living in America. They’re expensive, sometimes lose parcels (I never lost anything sent straight from China, whether Hong Kong Post, Singapore Post, Chinapost, EMS or whatever else, except for the two shippings done by DHL) and they seem to never miss the customs. Since an average customs declaration costs about $35 for something with a value of $20, I prefer the Chinese method (anything below $60 sent to the Netherlands should be free of customs costs anyway, so why declare it then).

I’m glad I have my Pchip and some chips at home because it could be a long time before I order more.


A woman where I used to work, who received all the courier stuff, used to call DHL “Drop it. Hide it. Lose it.” :joy:


She must have been from the same country, because for me the D stands for “declarations”


Yeah, it’s kinda surprising Belgium is not on the list.
I mean Brussels is the capital of the EU more or less, DHL ships here, except for luxembourg you ship to every country bordering/around us, second largest sea port of europe etc etc.


To ensure the best possible shipping experience, we are only accepting new pre-orders shipping to the following countries

Out of curiosity, is this expected to change when stock level becomes sufficient? Asking because I’m not in any of these places, and I might need more of them at some point. For me, if I knew in advance that there’s going to be problems with shipping access or shipping economy, it would break the game and force turning to plan B. If I knew in advance that the goal is global availability, I would not worry however…


Finally got my despatch notification - Yippee!

Sadly, mine appears to be one of those unfortunate “few” still coming from Hong Kong.

Looking on the bright side the odds are four to one in my favour that my order will eventually arrive. Ok so it’s not the thirty three to one enjoyed by the lucky DHL folks with their shiny new five day delivery average but it is progress.

After waiting nearly a year so far, reasonable odds of a delivery some time before next year has to be a good thing - right?


@flybucket What is the expected time after that you will start shipping to India ?


Can’t buy chip in South Korea now?


Can’t buy anywhere at the moment. They’re very seriously out of stock.


It’s been so long but no update regarding shipping to India. Please start shipping CHIP to India.


@Zia excuse me, I can understand your impatience but it has been so long since they started explaining what’s going on with duties in several countries. You all should blame your governments and not NTC. A company WANTS to sell more to earn more money.




@Iker I don’t remember NTC ever saying it was import duties that caused them to stop shipping to some countries. My experience with my employers products has been that it’s only shipping and handling fees that change when you change shippers, not the import duty, every shipper has to pay the same duties.


@paul_hutch Thank you for adding information:

Folks, in response to the most common shipping issues we saw from CHIP and PocketCHIP deliveries, and in order to make sure everyone gets the best possible experience when buying from us, we are currently shipping to a limited set of countries whose Customs laws allow us to ship Incoterms “Delivered Duty Paid” (DDP) at a cost which we can estimate accurately prior to shipment. This means no unexpected delivery fees, and no shipments getting held up at an office waiting for you to pay duties to get them released.

Currently, that means Australia, Brazil, Russia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United States are where we can ship to.

We are actively working with our shipping partners for better ways to handle shipments to “Delivered Duty Unpaid” (DDU) nations so that we can add additional countries to our list. Shipment to DDU destinations is still possible for bulk orders which require a custom shipping quote anyway – If your country is not listed above, but you are interested in placing a bulk order please contact sales@nextthing.co

I was not talking about importing duties, probably is just a misunderstanding not being English my first language, but it has something to do with the customs specific, as said.




@Iker thanks for the information but company can charge to the customer for these duties instead of stop shipping to these countries.


That was a quote from NTC. Some shipping companies charge a fee for having to charge you duty. In some cases it can be more than the duty or the cost of the item. NTC are trying to reduce that.


You’re right @Zwack it’s a quote but the quoting system of this forum and me are not good friend :joy:

I don’t think it’s difficult to understand that if they don’t do it, is because they can’t. They’ll for sure want to sell as much as possible. Anyway, I won’t discuss this anymore, just post the quote or refer to the email.




CHIP to ASIA plsss