C.H.I.P. Production Moving Forward! New Shipping Partner!


Did you not see the post by @Iker and @flybucket? It’s not that they don’t want to ship there (which company would want to limit sales) but their old shipping partner had a much lower level of satisfaction, which is why they switched to DHL. DHL has a higher satisfaction rate, but it also charged more import duties and stuff like that, so Next Thing Co. can’t ship to all the other counteies not listed on the list.


I would like to build a proto-product from chip pro, and wouldn’t mind paying more shipping (to Singapore) for the Dev board version.
At least it gets me started before finishing with the mass order later, by then the shipping cost would be a priority.


Just got an email from Tony!

"Hi Douglas,

We’re still affected by a backorder but are aiming for end of Q1. We should be resuming shipments in the coming weeks and will be able to provide more concrete timetables as we lock stock down.




He emailed you at 5:24 AM from California? That’s dedication.


I got the email yesterday afternoon!


Oh, ok. I didn’t really think that he emailed you at 5:00 local time.


That would be dedication, though! There isn’t much that would get me to respond to a work email at 5am!


That would be dedication. But I’ve never seen a company that has ever done that.


I just cannot wait for mine to come in! I have so many plans for it! Hoping to order some sensors soon.


Just ordered mine shipping to Massachusetts, can’t wait!

It says approximately 2 weeks but any ideas on actual to-door delivery time folks?


Two to three would be my guess it comes in through New York so you’ll get yours quicker than I see mine


Texas here, hopefully I’m not too far behind you guys.


Normally You’ll probably see yours sooner as they ship first come first serve though if the backlog is filled at once then they should arrive in a big crate together then be ripped from the only family they’ve ever known and scurried off to new homes with large appendages creatures they only know of from legends passed down by the most ancient of alpha chips telling of the makers,


That’s pretty metal.


In the halls of the legends there is an alpha who tells of the first god of the world he was the all seeing one eyed Otto
He watched over the world but knew it was a lonely and empty place so he cast himself out into the aether becoming the first of the prototypes they begat the alphas who begat the kickstarters who begat the productions who begat the pros and the gr8s who begat the dashbots.


Well, that’s the first time I’ve heard that. Probably the last as well. :joy:


I ordered 5 CHIPS on March 10th and it says To Be Shipped Soon™


I wonder how they trademarked that.


Technically they haven’t…

™ means you are treating it as a trademark while ® means it is a registered trademark. You might not be allowed to register your trademark if it is considered too generic.


Better than Not Shipping Soon™