C.H.I.P. Shipping Update & Three New Additions to the C.H.I.P. Family


The site says $6 for the GR8 System-in-Package. C.H.I.P. Pro is $16.


$6 is for the GR8, the black square that looks like a chip, but is actually 2 chips in 1 package. The CHIP Pro is the PCB with the GR8 and some other components on it.


Thanks, my fault


I don’t think so but I am not an authority on any of this newer CHIP stuff (or the old CHIP stuff for that matter!)


I hate to bring up frustrating issues as well but some bad news regarding your chip to be, and every chip thats out there including my chip, and pocket chip; they still haven’t said anything about the GPU driver! that was supposed to be out when they sent out the first batch of Pocket chips, I ordered quite late, and only got it about a month and a half ago, and have had a chip this hole time too and and both of them are waiting to hear about the GPU drivers that it really seems they’ve forgotten at this point. When I first read the email I just thought “Oh great, they’re probably abandoning it all together now aren’t they?”


Oh yea? Would you care to tell me how the Pi Zero and Pi Compute Module are pin compatible with B+ hats?


To the layman, yes, every NTC employee should be concentrating on fulfilling the existing orders.

To someone like myself who works in the industry, yes, but because the component and product manufacturing is outsourced there is likely nothing that the engineers at NTC can do to speed up fulfilling the existing orders. With respect to the NAND delays, the main time loss was waiting for weeks long validation tests to complete. I have personally felt bad about both of these types of situations affecting my customers but realistically there is nothing I or the others at my employer can do, so we work on other projects and monitor the situation.

Since the NTC employees can’t actually do anything to speed up the fulfillment they instead do the things they can do, design new products, promote the existing products, etc. My guess is that the C.H.I.P. Pro system of hardware and software has actually been in active development for quite a while and its development has not taken away any resources required to fulfill orders. I suspect if anything the NAND issue took developers away from the Pro project right at a time when things where finally coming together (Murphy’s Law strikes again :slight_smile: ).


It almost seems like someone is going to have to do them themselves


Apparently there is unofficial ones and I would have already downloaded one and installed it if they would just say what is happening with the driver. If there won’t be one then I’m ok with third party. I just want to know…


This pricing bothers me. The GR8 is basically an improved SOC - it has ram built in. Great. Unuseable without external hardware. The CPro is like the CHIP, but with 1/4 the flash and 1/2 the ram. And it is incompatible with existing DIPS.

The $9 chip is by the far the best deal for all but big volume customers who would like the GR8 module. So I wonder how long CHIP will stay at $9? If you figure their gross margin is probably about $1 to $2 per unit (or best imaginable case $5 per unit), then after selling 100K chips so far they have grossed from $100k to $500k. That will cover one or two employees per year. Maybe they have a much better margin on Pocketchips, but who knows? And their business of selling just a few chip per customer becomes a customer service nightmare.

I am worried about a huge jump in price for the CHIP to bring it in line with the price/capability of the Cpro.



They’ve said many times that chip itself will be $9 until the cows come home and so far no one has said anything about the cows returning, so I’d presume chip is like a promise to the marketplace and the cash is in pro and pocket, which even at $69 is a great deal for what you get


actually pi0 is totally compatible with B+ hats

compute isnt , indeed


Good day everyone! It’s 25th of October. Does anyone received notification about some long forgotten order that contained something called like C.H.I.P. ? I received a mail two weeks before:

Once your address is confirmed, you will be in our shipping queue. C.H.I.P. pre-orders shipments like yours are estimated to begin shipping on October 25th and continue through November 3rd. If you’d like more information, head over to the NTC forum.

As my order placed in February I hoped that I will be in one of the firsts who will receive such mail. As I’m obviously not among the lucky ones I’m just curious does anyone received notification in the new-new-new estimated shipping estimate date…


Same as you, except my order was from June, and waiting for that shipping mail


@elevenarms These threads need to be pinned so they appear in order of announcement, not order of last contact (threads from August/July appear before another from ~2 weeks ago…).



So… did anyone get their CHIP sent?
Or at least the address label printed? (this means, you can’t update it anymore)


My labels are not printed, one order was a chip the other a case and hdmi card



C.H.I.P. is an awesome product and the only drawback is low availability.
So when will it be possible to order larger number of C.H.I.P. computer?