C.H.I.P. Shipping Update & Three New Additions to the C.H.I.P. Family


Quick question: if I’ll order C.H.I.P. right now, what is estimated shipping date? Thank you!


sometime mid to late november according to my order from two days ago


They’ve finally shipped mine! A CHIP and a case, from June 22nd


They shipped mine! YAY!

@tve, yes, sorry, I meant that mine got labelled for shipping and that it will finally come.


Around November 15th.


Mine shipped too! (Pre-ordered in Feb.)


Well, this is good news, but that screen shot above doesn’t show anything shipped, just that the data got uploaded to the carrier.


FWIW, here’s mine so far.

As a point of comparison, here’s what my kickstarter CHIP went through:

But we’ve seen from others that the time spent at each phase can vary WILDLY depending on the destination. U.S. destinations often (but not always) go the quickest, possibly due to the sheer amount of stuff that is shipped to the U.S. (This shipper does what most cut-rate shippers do: piggie-back on other shipments that have a little extra room on them.)


My chip, ordered in Feb, has been scanned at Landmark. It is in the ~15000+ order number range.

I received no emails about shipping other than the confirm address email months ago.


its somewhat annoying watching all the orders ship and mine has not when i ordered mine months ago


lol amen


My package trip was this. The Cheektowaga location is the Buffalo airport and is 3 miles from my house. As is the USPS facility.


Ditto, except mine is in the 16000 range.


Mine actually went through knoxville to atlanta then back to knoxville at one point, and the post office wonders why people think theyre in efficient


Actually the shipper is NOT the USPS it’s DHL who subcontracts to the USPS to consolidate packages for cost reduction. This is why packages shipped via DHL often have weird tracking steps, your tiny package is being moved around to fill empty space in transportation vehicles to keep fuel and labor charges at a minimum. If you have any doubt that the cost reduction works, look to the fact that FEDEX & UPS do the same thing and all four organizations USPS, DHL, FEDEX & UPS are showing lower costs and higher profits for the packages done this way. (the trade off for higher profit is longer in transit time and weird tracking timelines)

BTW - FEDEX is no stranger to this concept it’s what their business was built on. If you’re old enough to remember their founding you may remember their business plan, the fastest and cheapest method to ship overnight from Boston MA to Springfield MA is via Nashville TN.


Let the memes fly haha


Do we have a ship date on the Pro dev kits yet?

I made the mistake of ordering a pocket chip with the dev kit so now I have to wait that much longer to get one!


I thought it was Memphis


You are correct, it’s Memphis not Nashville.


Guess not? :cold_sweat: