C.H.I.P. Shipping Update & Three New Additions to the C.H.I.P. Family


Well now they are shipping in May. All the other ones sold out. (You can blame me a bit for that, although I only bought one. :wink:)


Can anyone tell me how long should the shipping be?
My PocketCHIP was shipped on May 9, package was tracked up to May 15.
Today is June 14, so it is roughly a month.
Is it ok?
Is there someone who is also waiting for his package?
How long it takes in most cases ?
What should I do ?


Where did the tracking go cold? Customs?

You can always email ahoyahoy@nextthing.co and ask them what is happening. They can ask the shipper to look into it.


How many times need to email? I’m waiting more than half year, shipping is lost in Belgium at 2016/11/20 and I don’t know where to ask about my order.


@dcschelt Sorry to bother you again. Who is the best person to summon to questions like this? I realise that email is the first resort, but this sounds like email has not been answered.


Shut down your store!! Stop selling products until you ship the things that people have already purchased! I don’t want to be a thorn in this companies side but if you continue to ignore customers and continue to take money from customers when you haven’t even shipped your existing orders I’m going to be on you like white on rice. I just want to know how this company expects people to continue to support it and buy their products if they can’t even lock down a shipping date or can’t even take the time to respond to weary customers?! How do they expect people to actually develop on a platform if they don’t get it into the hands of the people who purchased it?! SHIP EXISTING ORDERS BEFORE TAKING MORE.


@jkadaver do not crosspost. Email ahoyahoy@nextthing.co and we will be happy to provide customer support. The forum is not the place for shipping or order inquiries; email is the place for support.


@Bone can I ask you when you placed the order that was shipped on May 9? I don’t know why this sort of queue information isn’t being made public so people can adjust their expectations. I placed my order Jan. 5 and haven’t heard a peep, not even in terms of useful information from NTC when I direct emailed, so I’m trying to figure out “old school” if my shipment might be coming up, or was skipped over in queue, or what.

Also did it ever arrive? If so, when?


@twiffy I think it was the end of March when I placed the order. I think you ordered CHIPs, my CHIPs order #44794 also hasn’t been shipped yet (only the PocketCHIP #49507). They need different parts or something, thats why there is such delay. Your order may also contain both, in this case you are waiting for CHIPs, PocketCHIP is probably ready.

Overall, I think this whole mess was caused by the fact that we were ordering too many CHIPs, also most of the orders contain several items. The result was that the amount of devices to produce was growing exponentially, while the production growth was linear or close to that. Thats why they stopped new orders and are making new version with the same chip as CHIP Pro, while shipping old orders. I have no idea, how long it will take. I am just waiting patiently, hopefully at least I will get my PocketCHIP soon.

(The thing that I don’t understand is why I won’t get a cord in my CHIPs order, the order says “Kickstarter” version, and it was made while the cord was included in the box. So the reason it is missing now, is the fact that the shipping is slow. So the DELAY caused more than just a time loss.)


The cords were for the initial batches of alphas that went out to backers and the early production chips, in not sure why it all still says kickstarter on them unless that’s just a reference to the models or someone never updated it, the cord is really short though like 3 inches and with a modern tv it looks better with a hdmi or vga connection


@BigBadHodad my disappointment just became a little bit “shorter”. Thank you, ahaha


@JKW may make a board that can be used to give hd options since the normal dips are not available.


Same thing with me I ordered mine March. 8th and the only thing that I’ve gotten is my order confirmation and pretty much nothing else I’ve contacted ntc several times and I just keep getting the run around… B.S.


Did NTC reply?? i tried to touch NTC several times but there was no reply my email, is NTC gone?? disappeared? i can’t imagine anything, i think they have something problem… please let us know official info


They’re not gone Dave and Gus among others still show up here


@dcschelt calling you to here.


Hi @gaiyamega,
We are responding to a high volume of support tickets right now, so it may take a bit of time to get to yours. Thank you for your patience.



This ain’t the best reply from me but I imagine NTC’s priority at the minute would be to the tickets with actual hardware/software/implementations issues and focusing on deadlines toward the new C.H.I.P family.

I myself have gone past the upset of waiting and started other projects with gear I do have. Sega megadrive dev kit for one and waiting for the HDMI DIP will only enhance this but I can concentrate on the other 90% of the workflow until the DIP does arrive !! Here’s to hoping!!



My order is finally shipping…



At least someone is getting theirs!

I think I made a tragic error by ordering CHIPS, a pocket CHIP, and a CHIP Pro Dev Kit all in the same order. I don’t think all three of those will ever be in stock at the same time.