C.H.I.P. suspend to RAM


In kernel config are some options related to SUSPEND and according to them I suppose that C.H.I.P. is able to do mem suspend, but when I try to do:

# echo mem >/sys/power/state

I get:

sh: write error: Invalid argument

And reading /sys/power/state yelds empty file.
How can I put my C.H.I.P. in suspend mode?


hey, try to put a space between ‘>’ and ‘/’, like this

# echo mem > /sys/power/state

did you read about suspend to ram a debian distro, it could work for you, chip is debian too.


Thanks, but space will not help it, because /sys/power/state yelds no supported modes (you can try to do ‘cat /sys/power/state’ on your laptop or PC and see something like ‘freeze mem’).

Did someone succeed to put debian to sleep on C.H.I.P.?



This is not supported at the moment. We’re working on it, so hopefully support for it will land in a future release, but it’s still unclear exactly when.


Don’t forget to upstream changes, there also few Alwinner-based boards waiting for it :slight_smile:


Any progress on this? I would very much like to see it made possible for my product.


Anyone, anyone? Bueller? Frye? :wink:


Hi all!
Any news or progress about suspend to ram?
Generally what sort of suspend mode could be implemented : ram , disk, hibernation ?
I’m asking this because i would like to be able to use my beautiful little PocketChip as a pocket calculator and/or a mp3 player without obligation to recharge the battery every day …
is it the right order to start trying implementing these modes 1 in CHIP and 2 in Pocket Chip ?


Pocket Chip is just a big Dip for CHIP. It does use some different software, but the kernel is certainly similar enough. Suspend would be a kernel function and as the chip provides all of the memory and processor in Pocket Chip implementing it for Chip should give it to Pocket Chip.


And implementing it for PocketCHIP should work with CHIP. :wink:


any (good) news?
Implementing suspend modes and correcting sound problems are the things that will be cool to have!