Can Not Manage wlan1


Hi Everyone, recently joined the forum & now require some help please.
My Chip has been Flashed with Desktop 4.4, presently I’m unable to active/start Wifi AP wlan1, I’m connected to Home network on wlan0, Bluetooth also connects ok.
I’ve tried various conf’s that I have seen in different tutorials but nothing seems to work, when I check the Htop I can see that Network Manager is not running, however Avahi is so I presume it is controlling the Wifi.

Basically what commands would I use to conf the wlan1 Access Point?? Any help advice would be appreciated.
I’m a Radio hobbyist & want to use my Chip in various radio projects, my knowledge of script/com prompt is basic although with guidance I can get things done.
By the way My Chip was previously used to receive the Outernet but I want to upgrade so want to use present Chip for something else now.

I’ll leave it there for now but hope to get a response asap.
Thanks in advance,
The RadioChip…


not sure, if this will be exactly what you’re looking for, but this thread had some good pointers for my own wifi setup:


I don’t know exactly what you are trying to do, but I did some wlan stuff here. It also links to another post that does some wifi magic.


Hi AllGray,
Thanks for the response, it has given me a bit more info although I’m still not able to access wlan1 on the Chip.
Best regards,


Hi Petrov,
Thanks for your response.
Gave me some good info but not much help in regards to the issue I have getting wlan1 activated.
Best regards,