Can PocketC.H.I.P. land me a job?


Just bought a PocketC.H.I.P. last week and I have already parted with it. I made it into an interactive business card sort of thing and brought it to a job interview.

In this post I’ll describe the steps I went through to modify it. I didn’t have time to document properly my steps as I went along so some of this is from memory, so please ask if you try something and it doesn’t work.

What I wanted
I wanted a self contained unit with video and audio and a customized interface for playing the files. I made a short introductory video for the unit as well as a longer one where I went a little more in depth with my thoughts on the position I am applying for (not a technical position, but as a content created/researcher in the technology field).

How I made it
First I installed Marshmallows Pocket-home, in order to be able to customize the home layout.

I also had to find a media player for video (I rendered my video out in 480x272) and one for audio (since I could not find one that did both things well).

I went with the Gnome-Player for video, as is the norm for the pocketC.H.I.P I think. I made a launch script in the home directory with the following content:

gnome-mplayer --fullscreen --quit_on_complete --showcontrols=0 --autostart=1 /link/to/my/file.mp4

This combination of parameters was the only one that gave me what I was looking for: A full screen video that auto played and returned to the home screen when finished. If I used showcontrols=1 there would be a black bar on top for some reason.

Audio was more tricky. I host a weekly podcast and wanted to put a couple of episodes on the machine. I went through a host of programs - smplayer, gnome-player, VLC, audacious, MPV etc. but all of them either crashed or their interface acted up. I ended up using Quod Libet (follow Debian install method from here. I had to make one tweak to make this work or I would get no sound:

In ~/.quodlibet/config you need to set the the backend option to gstbe.

And it was also necessary to install gstramer by running

sudo apt-get install gstreamer1.0alsa

from command line.

I edited the home screen from /home/chip/.pocket-home/config.json and copied the new icons to /usr/share/pocket-home/appIcons/

All in all I think this worked out really great. It is not very fast and the speaker I soldered on is hanky as hell, but still I hope it can help me get the job.

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This is really a great idea! I hope it works. :blush:

And I see how people can use PocketCHIP for job interviews, specially for technical positions.

Hope to see more of these from other people! :thumbsup:


Tis pretty cool. When you say you parted with it, did you leave the PocketCHIP with the potential employer?


Hi, yes I left it there - hope it pays off!


Ok. Parting from the pocketchip is very hard, but in this case it might be worth it! I wish you good luck and keep us informed!


It was a hard ‘I hardly knew thee’-decision, but now it has been done and I must scour the web for a new handheld soulmate.

Will keep you informed :grinning:


At least you can honestly say that no one has ever done this before (at least I can’t imagine because the pocketchip is still very young).


Haha very true :slight_smile:



This one and this one are from the same thread. Here’s another but it may already be sold. And I found yet another one on the bbs.

Good luck!




you missed an opportunity you should of added a 3g device whitch they wont notice so it always have internet and the also add a mic then install some type of rat so you can hear everything they talk about when you leave so you know what they are thinking and how effective the pocket chip is and what they do with it


I think that would not go well with the whole ‘honesty’ thing that @Squirrel61 mentions :joy:

But…I was actually thinking about something along those lines, but more simple, like having it automatically connect to open WiFi hotspots and doing some public/private key setup to let me do a SSH connection. That way I would be able to update it remote.

I eventually decided against it, because of time restraints, it being an edge case and I also think I would be crossing the creepy line. Would be totally doable, though, I should think :thinking:.


And then there’s this:

Small defect, can probably easily be fixed and therefore the pchip will probably go cheap. And no, it’s not mine. I like it too much to part from it and I already have a good job :grinning:


Thanks, I will watch that. Also think I will get in touch with the guy in France who had a brand new one. Would like to explore the idea some more, maybe with a remix of a PICO-8 game that show random facts on each killscreen or something :joystick:.


That kicks ass! Great idea :+1:


Thanks a lot @ATOMIC - I’ll post again if I get around to making a new version. Could probably be extended with e.g. a resume in text/markdown, portfolio and more customization of the UI, boot process etc. :slight_smile: