Case mod/customisation/decoration


I don’t know about the rest of you but my mind is full of ideas to customise the PocketCHIP’s outer shell and bezel, and make it more personal.

I’m not sure if I want to just paint it or make an entirely new case just yet, I guess I’ll have to wait until June :slight_smile:

What would you do to make yours stand out and be unique?

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Maybe designing a custom 3d printed shell with Lego compatible attachments? Or a bigger battery? Rgb LEDs do work quite well, too i presume. Or a completly new case, so the PocketCHIP looks like a Stargate Atlantis plot forwarding device :smiley:


It’s practically begging to be a Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy mockup. It already resembles the description in the book, it just needs to have a slip cover with Don’t Panic written on it in large friendly letters.


Yeah, you can print or craft some book-ish case with wooden filament or wooden sheats and build something around it. That would totally work. The last thing you would need is the calm narrators voice when you’re about to open it :smiley:


Lego fixtures is a great idea. So many modular possibilities!

A light kit would look nice in the clear case too.


You could easily use a case outfitted with Lego mounts as a brain for Lego mindstorms or an other contraption alike. Maybe alongside the EVE as well. And yeah, you’ve got the idea. Using rgb LEDs displaying some kind of stats like battery level or wifi signal strength would be awesome!


WiFi signal strength would be handy, you could have it blink for open hotspots too if not connected already. I’m not sure how difficult that would be to code but I can always learn the hard way and go for it lol.

How about backlight/mood lighting for games, like a TV or PS4 controller has? With RGB lighting it could be tweaked for anything really.


Should’nt be that hard. A simple python script. Maybe take a look at the rpi-guys or write something on your own. You can add these adafruit neopixel-“sticks” to the right and to the left inside the original case and cycle through the different modes with a pushbotton or a timer.


They look great, I wish we had a similar company distributing out of the UK. I always like the kits Adafruit put out :slight_smile:

I’ve not done much real coding before (outside of html and a few other basics), but I’m willing to put in the time to learn. Once I set a goal for the project I’ll work towards it and pick things up as I go, or that’s the plan anyway!


@BreakingMyself Check out Aaron @ oomlout is an awesome guy and friend from our early Shenzhen days. I’m still regretting missing out on an LED packager factory tour with him.


Couldn’t there be like reusable skins? Like the Playstation Vita has, except for the PocketC.H.I.P. Just design a colorful sticker thingamabob that has fixed sections for buttons or something. I mean, it would only be limited at that point to what you can design and if you can manage to print it on the right type of paper/plastic/whatever is used for this kind of thing.


If you don’t mind the long shipping times you should definitely check out Aliexpress. They sell those sticks for a fraction of the price. But yeah, Adafruit sells some neat stuff, but luckily I’ve found a german reseller :slight_smile:

Python is not that hard, actually. It’s a clean, nice-to-learn language. I’m about to look at the colour-led-stuff as soon as my PocketCHIP arrives :smiley:

@Inunah, of course you can use reusable skins. But that would be a hard task. You have to print it, for example, in NinjaFlex (a deformable and bendable filament) or maybe we can airbrush the case. :smiley:

It would be nice, if we can add a tripod mount to the case and some attachments for a SDR. Scanning ham bands on the fly :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@gush Thanks for the link, they have a much wider range than the other UK parts supplier I’ve been using.

I like that their logo is a literal Umlaut too lol


@Inunah I don’t have access to a 3D printer, but I don’t see any reason a part couldn’t be sculpted, molded and cast. Maybe part rigid plastic, part flexible silicone?

Or if you’re feeling risky, some kind of brush on silicone could be put directly onto pocketCHIP to get a near perfect ‘blank’ for prototyping.


I would do a few things to the PocketCHIP:

  1. Add headers on all exposed pads that are there for the purpose.
  2. Work out how to get a keyboard overlay to cover up the buttons (I’m not so keen on them).
  3. Make a ‘snap-in’ outer case, perhaps with some things like knobs, sliders, and drum pads, into which the PocketCHIP can be ‘snapped’ and have it function as a desktop/studio synthesizer.

EDIT: For example, #3 might follow along a similar ethos to this lovely device:

Just something you can ‘snap’ the PocketCHIP into, and have a whole playable toy system.


That’s a really nice concept. You can build yourself an opensource OP-1, with all the neat stuff needed for a portable DAW. But yeah, adding headers on all the exposed GPIOs is definitely one of the first things I’m going to do. After that I’m trying to design a proper keyboard-pushbutton-bezel-thingie and maybe getting it cut on a laser cutter in a fablab nearby. Maybe in a Star Trek PADDish style or in a “retro” wooden finish. :smiley:


I plan on adding RGB LEDs that change according to sound. And modding the case to allow for a speaker to fit inside instead of having a speaker dangling off of the back.


An internal speaker would be nice. Maybe with an override in case headphones are being used? :slight_smile:


I’m 3D printing a normal PocketCHIP case right now since mine is on its way.


I would honestly like to find a printer, and make a custom rear she’ll that looks like the original game boy rear shell with a mount for a speaker and space in the battery area to store a few USB sticks