Case mod/customisation/decoration


That’s really cool almost book like


Rev 1 of my pocket chip keyboard. #dichstudios #pocketchip #nextthing #keyboard

Tried the 3D printed cases and they didn’t work out for me. Put my laser cutter and cnc mill to work and came up with a pretty good rev 1 prototype.


LOVE IT! Are you thinking to make the files available? Or like @JKW maybe selling a few to us “die hard” fans.

How did you “engrave” the letter symbols? Post some build pics too (if you have them)…




That looks awesome. I want one!


Holy carp that’s pretty if you make them I do want one I’d reply to the instagram but I don’t have an account there


Thanks for the kind words peeps!
I’ll go ahead and make a few extra ones.

Keep in mind that you will have to cut two slots in the top stock bezel for the case to work.
If you can handle that mod then contact me with an offer and I’ll ship one out to you.

My wife and I also came up with a soft case for the pocket chip if anyone is interested.


So amazing. Can you run through the steps of getting the letters made and applied to the keys?


The letters are laser cut into each key and then filled with acrylic paint. Time consuming but way more durable then stickers.



What kind of laser did you use?


Wow! Fantastic job! Do you have an ideia of how much it costs?


Care to share the laser design files? I have access to an epilog laser cutter and would give this a shot


Oh wow, that’s fancy. I want to use some sticker solution since its


I use a 50watt boss laser.


To all who are interested:

$25 for the keyboard
$35 for the soft case

I’ll setup a purchase link later tonight and post it here.


And we will apply the paint to the keys outer selves correct ( I plan on using pink to match the rest of the unit)


Yeah, that would be preferred. It’s not bad for one or two keyboards, but I think doing a dozen of them would be mind numbing. I also want to tweak the font placement on the keys a little.


WOAH. Awesome job on the Laser-cut keyboard!

I threw the VJAP version of the keyboard/faceplate on my Form 2 SLA printer last night - decent results. Needs to UV post-cure, then cleanup. Will update. Need to clean-up my flexible resin tank to print some soft-ish keys, but now I’m thinking of laser-cutting or CNC-routing some Speedball Speedy-carve, which is a lovely shade of pink.

I guess this is my first post, too…hi everybody! Love this little computermachine.


Vey nice looking, especially the color.