Case with Integrated Stylus and Kickstand


Files are now live on Thingiverse and there is a second design that protects the battery!

Working on cleaning support material off my parts, few more hours soaking and they should be done!


My only question is will this be able to be on, and still attach the custom keyboard overlay?


Should work! The case uses the model for the case that came with the PocketCHIP from NTC.


Given the actual prices for 3D printing, I’m sure printing such a case would cost much more than the original PocketCHIP itself :frowning:
The additions are very good though.


Super cool man! Thanks for the quick response too!


Here are some photos of the print! The Dimension Elite uses a support material and has to sit in a chemical bath to dissolve it so it still needs to over night to clean out the stylus. Also need to find the stylus in the bath…


Got bored tonight and started on a square case. Will add a version with a kickstand when I have time/if people request that.


Naw man, you just need to find a friend of a friend who has a printer and it’s way cheaper. :wink:


I just uploaded the files for the closed back to and searched my area. Average price for normal plastics is like $16-$20. Not too bad really! <3


yeah, it’s more correct but still I wouldn’t pay $20 for something I’ve already paid $50 :wink:
I can’t buy from 3dhubs I guess, it would cost too much to send to Europe.
I’ve sent the model to a compagny doing this in France. Here are the prices:




Total : € 86.05

yeah, with 3D printing you no longer have to throw away things, just repair them! (for twice the price you’ve bought them…) :wink:


I’ve looked on 3Dhubs. Some prices are incredible. The same pieces can be from 1 to 10 times the prices. Maybe it’s not the same resolution and such. That’s interesting to know.
I’ve found the print of the case + stylus + stand for around 12 € (including shipping).


A back that resembled the original game boy with a storage area for memory cards or perhaps a charger where the game boy batteries would be is my dream many fond memories of the comfortable feel of that case


I had the same thought when I started working on the square design I have above! When I find the time I will try and make something that resembles the original Gameboy! Great idea!


Ty ty


I sooo need this! Though, does the stylus silo’s location interfere with the speaker mod?


If you post a link to the mod I can look into if it would fit!


If it does indeed interfere with it, could you possibly make a version that puts the stylus silo closer to the CHIP itself? Or perhaps relocate it to the other side?


Definitely would prevent that mod. Which case would you like to see with the stylus on the other side? I will try to get that out today!

I could also add a few holes on the side with the speaker if you wanted for the sound could travel a bit easier?


I’d like the one with the closed back please. And yes, adding speaker holes would be great (and would save me time from drilling them myself).
Thanks so much for listening to my request!


Here you go!