CHIP does OwnCloud - Now with PocketCHIP web-client [tutorial]


Update 1: The installer is updated with AVAHI setup and HOSTNAME change option for easy access
Update 2: The installer is updated, so you now can change any HOSTNAME and not just “chip”. I also added end-script tutorial
Update 3: now with PocketCHIP web-client

Hello all.
After, what i found, to be two successful CHIP installer projects (Guacamole and CRM) I decided that it was time for one more.


Again i have done the hard work for you and created an installer that is as easy to use as the rest of them

The steps are super simple:

chmod +x
sudo ./owncloud-chip-installer

When that installation is done, open up your favorite browser on your favorite Computer (on the same network as the CHIP) and go to http://HOSTNAME.local/owncloud if you have Bonjour installed on your Computer, or http://YOUR.CHIP.LOCAL.IP/owncloud if you don’t have Bonjour installed
If you want to set it up from a PocketCHIP then read on a little longer.

Here you will see a screen similar to this one:

Just put in what you want for Username and Password and keep the Database as SQLite

In the install script we just installed we created a datafolder in /media/ownclouddrive so type that in the Data Folder settings (This is also where you want to mount external storage)

After that you just press “Finish Setup” and you are good to go.

PocketCHIP WEB-Client

If you have a PocketCHIP and want a super lightweight Owncloud web-client then read on here:
You need to have @marshmallow’s PocketHOME installed.
From your PocketCHIPs terminal (or via SSH) type the following:

chmod +x

From here you just need to follow the installer, and boom. You are good to go.

You can read more about OwnCloud here
You can sign up for the Chipster Slack Team Here If you want to discuss everything CHIP related.
You can follow my Github page Here, Expect some cool projects in the near future.

Good luck with the install, and please share your experience.

Thanks where thanks is due. @tehCoops was again a big help at getting everything running smoothly
Thanks to the whole Slack community for testing and keeping up with me whining when stuff isn’t working

Just to see what sticks
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What software is essential/popular for any pocketchip?
Bunch of bananas and other sh!t

Interesting I have to look into this. Since I have a spare chip sitting around


The whole process should not take more than 15 minutes, if that.
Please share your experience and let me know if there is anything you think i can do better.


I’m rather new to these single board computer’s. I had my Chip laying around and figured this would be a good project. And thank you for making it easy. I did everything through SSH, but I keep getting this error when accessing my Chip.


Oh man. Thank you for this error. I will update the installer right away.
To fix your problem go back into the terminal (via ssh) and type:
sudo apt install locales && sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales && sudo locale-gen

Report back to me, if that helped the problem


What is the terminal command to start the server?

I rebooted my Chip installed the locales.

I’m updating the Chip.


The server should start on boot.
You can restart it by typing systemctl restart apache2 if you want.
You can also just reboot the whole system by typing sudo shutdown -r now

It is always a good idea to run sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade before you do any projects on your system


It’s working now. Thank you!


Great to hear that.
I hope you will enjoy it.


The installer is updated with AVAHI setup and HOSTNAME change option for easy access.
The error @arekay experienced is also eliminated.


It actually worked for me! When I tried to do it from scratch a while ago, it didn’t work. But I feel like this installer script was made for me. :two_hearts: AllGray, you always nail it. How does he do this!?


Thank you @Jalonzpa.
I’m not going to lie. It was your complaining of it not working that made me make it.
I don’t really have any interest in owncloud myself so I’m glad it worked for you.


The installer is updated so you now can change any HOSTNAME and not just "chip"
I also added an end-installer message.


Nice. Support for MySQL/MariaDB is recommended in my testing because it is a lot faster. Even on low end hardware. Question: Why don’t you use Nextcloud? It is more actively developed and seems to have more features especially around security?


In my testing MySQL was a great deal slower that SQLite.
I used Owncloud over Nextcloud because i had the idea that users where more familiar with Owncloud.
I understand now that Nextcloud would have been a better choice, and i will make the transition in the near future


SQLite is a lot smaller than mysql/mariadb so probably a better choice given the memory constraints of the chip.

Given the choice between mysql and mariadb I would always choose mariadb, it is mysql with added features and patches.


I have updated the guide with instructions on how to get a super lightweight PocketCHIP web-client installed.
I hope you enjoy.