CHIP tty serial?


Does CHIP have a usb to serial driver? So if I connect to chip with a data cable and ssh into it will the cli pop up on my terminal? Without any kernel hacking? I’ve done ethernet gadget hack to my Pi zero, and I don’t want to do th pesky task again on my CHIP. So yah will someone plz answer me??? Thx


That’s pretty much already on there, the micro-USB is a tty so you don’t necessarily need SSH. But, in the 4.4 update it also has the USB-ethernet driver so you can set that up and get an IP over USB through the host, then SSH if you’re into that. Which is weird to me but if that floats your boat, I’m not gonna stop you. BeagleBone does the same thing.




@NinjaKun described it in detail here:


You can use the USB serial, but it’s a very basic interface that is 80x24 characters and no color.
You would be much better off using SSH over the USB ethernet gadget. Programs will be able to detect the window size, use 16 colors, and detect mouse clicks.