ChipTop Laptop!


I just got my chip today. I am having some power issues as others have had so I hooked up a battery from a quadcopter. I also had an FPV screen laying around from the WL toys v686g I lost. So I cracked her open and wired the composite video output into the screen and disconnected the power hungry 5.8ghz receiver. So now the screen only draws 300mA

I also realized hey I have a Bluetooth keyboard/external battery laying around I bought for like $9 on a while back. This keyboard has an internal 4000mAh? battery for charging.
Now I just need to find some double sided tape or Velcro to replace the rubber bands :expressionless:

Cheap PC idea thoughts

CHIPtop. :+1:

A few questions…

  1. Is the screen powered from the keyboard/battery by that the black cable on the left side?

  2. What is the white rectangle to the right of the screen?

  3. What is plugged into the CHIP’s large USB A receptacle?

  4. Is there a mouse?

  5. Are you having any trouble when you “Reboot” or powering on after “Power off” from the CHIP OS?



The screen is powered off of the 3v3 port on the chip.

That would be a 4 port usb hub.

The USB hub.

No mouse right now well beside if I plug in a wired one.

Yes I have issues on reboot.


This is amazing. I want this <3.


I like it! I like it a lot!


I love those pics, and I love the look! I’ve referenced this BBS thread just for the pics! Keep the rubber bands, or replace them with bungee cords. Or duct tape.

You rock, @Android !


A few more questions…

  1. What is the black cable plugged in the left side of the keyboard connected to?

  2. How do you charge the keyboard/battery?

  3. Can you confirm you are using the white cable from the keyboard/battery to power the CHIP using it’s microUSB port, and the blue battery connected to CHIP’s white battery connector?

  4. Have you considered connecting the keyboard/battery directly to the CHG-IN/GND on header U13 and not using the blue battery out?

It’s not clear in the picture. Did you plug into the U13 or U14 header to access 3V3? Is that the red wire coming from the header or does the red wire connect elsewhere?



I am gonna make my own one but with a bigger screen :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. That’s the micro USB in to charge the keyboard. (it was dead I never used it)

  2. See number 1.

  3. That is a backup power source. It primarily is powered by the 1000mAh battery (the blue thing you see)

  4. I will consider it but right now the blue battery is their so chip doesn’t turn off randomly until I update the firmware.

  5. Yes it’s the red wire going into the header. Unfortunately you have to unplug it when you close it because the wire is to tall. (I need to get some of the old plain jumper cables not the dupont ones)


The keyboard/battery supplying 5V via the white cable connected to the CHIP’s microUSB port (VBUS) is the primary power source and the blue battery is either being charged, a supplemental power source or the sole power source depending on condition of the keyboard/battery (VBUS) power source.

From AXP209 datasheet:

9.2 Power path management (IPS)
The AXP209 power input can come from lithium battery (BAT),USB VBUS Input, external power supply (ACIN). The IPS will select an appropriate power source depending on the battery and external power conditions.
O When only the battery is available, no external power input, the battery powers the system;
O When there is a valid external power source(VBUS Or ACIN), is is the preferred power supply.
O When the external power is removed, the IPS will seamlessly switch over to battery power.
O When both VBUS and ACIN are available, ACIN will be used to power the system and recharge the lithium battery;
O If the ACIN cannot provide sufficient current, VBUS is also connected to source more
O If the drive capacity is still insufficient, then the charge current is reduced to zero, the
battery is used to power the system.


Very impressive!

I’m tryin to build a chip Tablet with touch screen.

Current point is to rebuild the kernel so I can implement the drivers…


That’s kind of coming full circle. You’re buying what is essentially a tablet motherboard meant to be used as a standalone computer… and building a tablet out of it.

I’m into it.


FYI … as of today, there’s 18 days left to the Nexdock kickstarter. Works with Raspberry Pi, as a 2nd Laptop monitor, portable HDMI display for Chromecast/game consoles/bluray/dvd, etc.

If you’re getting the CHiP HDMI shield, you won’t need an CompositeAV-to-HDMI adapter.

I’ve got my order in. It beats having to hack the pristine Motorola Lapdock I’ve standing by on my Project shelf (then I sell it to recoup some of it’s cost).


Looks awesome, kind of looks like a Cyberpunk decking computer.


F-a-a-a-a-rk! I’m SPEWING I didn’t back their crowdfunding now! Doh!

I’ve ordered another power supply and cable kit for my Motorola Lapdock…


Any recommendations on a screen to use? I totally want to do something like this. My primary hobby is woodworking, so I want to make a Sandbenders; Some kind of clamshell case, made out of wood, with inlays & stuff. I already have a small Bluetooth keyboard with trackpad I can use for it, and a 50,000 mAh power brick, with a built-in solar panel for recharging.


Buy or scavenge an old laptop - gut it - keep the LCD screen (assuming it’s working) - buy a driver board for that model of LCD off e-bay and you’ve got a HDMI screen…

I’ve got a 2004 15.7" Dell laptop screen 1680x1050 on my desk as an extra monitor - using HDMI… But I keep the driver board “behind” the monitor and don’'t move it around much…


Bah “Most Affordable” Bah! CRT-tv and a keyboard, probably’d be half da price!


Ben Heck (on YouTube) used a Motorola atrix screen he bought off eBay. It is a smaller screen than most laptops. And doesn’t need a driver if I remember as the phone output raw hdmi.


I think that’s more the route I’m aiming at. I don’t want a full laptop, I have one of those. I’m thinking more along the lines of a larger PocketChip.