Confirmation NTC is dead


Did a little digging. Their address is listed as 2461 Peralta St, Oakland, CA 94607. has a re-lease listing available immediately for their space. is the brochure, is the URL to their leases for that area.

Last ditch effort to salvage my PocketCHIP

None of those links work for me, either the site is dead or they’re having server issues too :sweat_smile:


works for me


Me too :cry:.


pretty cool space, looks like the one in the videos…
sad to see this


Maybe restricted based on location? 403 error for me as well.
Although i believe NTC is dead (have for a long time as i was one of the first to call them out for their BS)…
There is always the possibility that they have simply moved to another location… But the most likely answer of course is they have bailed.

Also the listing shows that it has multiple spots/floors available for rent… So even though its listed, they might have been or still are on the second floor… cant be bothered finding old pics of ntc’s office to see if it was street level…


If I remember from the original video they are at street level and had stairs up to the second floor.


Looks like the same offices to me:


I just wish they would say something. #closure lol.


I’m surprised the site and the repos are still online. Someone has to be paying for the bandwidth and all of that from someplace.


My guess is prepaid hosting so they may stay up for quite a while longer.


Github is free if you are using a public respository.


I live an hour from there. The links work fine for me. Ill post some screenshots for you if you want:


i’m not doubting the links work for anyone, just saying they don’t for me. either connection refused or 403.


Yeah, I mean the forum and their website more than GitHub.

A lot of their assets come from S3 or cloudfront so someone has to be paying Amazon something.


Also interesting:


Quote - Update: Next Thing Co. CEO (Dave) contacted me to inform me the company was not closed, but there was just several unfortunate events:

DNS problem with the site leading to the blog issueNext Thing Co Facebook page was closed months ago (due to too many requests from different sources)The Google Maps listing is not managed by Next Things Co themselves.

Glimmer of hope??


I will see Dave in Hell… we can talk then…


Can confirm, dead dead…

Finally got a response from one of their VC investors who apparently hadn’t heard from the company in quite a while. 51%20PM

A creditor just followed up a few hours later and sent me this.

And finally the attachment.

Got 4G cellular works on PocketCHIP but is NTC still running?
Reports about Insolvency true? is down
Alternatives to the CHIP Pro?
Chip Pro officially dead?
Cant order CHIP! How to buy?
Ordering or info about pro version
Customer Service Email "Undeliverable"

Wow. See above post.