Dashbot Live on Kickstarter! & Far-Field Mics For Your Voice Projects!


DASHBOT Live on Kickstarter!

Dashbot is the world’s first AI-powered hands-free car kit and our first product powered by C.H.I.P. Pro. Drive with your phone in your pocket and let Dashbot do your phone things: Music, Maps, and Messages.

Dashbot is controlled entirely by your voice so you can keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road. It installs in seconds and works in any car. And like all NTC products, it’s open hardware and software.

Back Dashbot on Kickstarter today! - https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1598272670/dashbot-a-49-robot-for-your-dashboard

An Open Source Linux Powered Far-Field Microphone for your Voice Things

We’re super excited to see what the Chipster community builds with all of Dashbot’s new hardware and can’t wait to see even more car-hacking projects!

We can’t thank you enough for all your support. Let’s get Dashbot on the road!

Dave & Everyone @ NTC
Update: Due to a trademark dispute, the product formerly known as Dashbot is now called Voder.
Next Thing Co. is not affiliated with or sponsored or endorsed by Dashbot, Inc.


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WOW! Soo many updates is so few days… Looks like you guys are progressing really well! This was a genius invention!


I can’t wait to get.two one for mmy car and one for my desk.


will this work with windows phone


Just out of curiosity: what framework does it use for speech-control and TTS?


Second time I complaining here (on this forum) about weird limitation on the countries you’re shipping to. At least let us know when that list will be extended (if ever). I personally need shipping to the Czech Republic. Hey, it’s EU, in the middle of Europe, we don’t have bears walking on the streets, the Czech Post and all major shipping companies (DHL, UPS, TNT, etc) operates here, I ordering stuff regularly from abroad and never missed a single package, but NTC doesn’t ship here. Why?




Hi all :wink:

What should I say ? :rolling_eyes:
I’m living in Belgium … which is surrounded by the Netherlands, Germany, France, United Kingdom (right, it’s over the see, but still …). Italy and Spain are not that far and Belgium is literally at the centre of Europe and since our highways are free, something like 70/80% of all the good travelling through Europe go through Belgium … who host one of the big hub from DHL. Germany is chippable, France, UK, Netherland, Italy and Spain are all chippable and I’m ready to bet that the Chip for all those lands will go through Belgium … who is just in the middle of all theses lands … but … Belgium isn’t chippable !! :astonished: :rolling_eyes: :unamused:
For the life of me, I can’t understand why !
Maybe a retortion from DHL against Belgium who had forced them to buy less noisy planes 2 decades ago … Didn’t think chip to be already so powerfull :grin: :joy: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Still, I do hope NTC will rapidly put an end to that shipping charade :rolling_eyes:


Octopus, poulpe à la bière :beer:

Shipping to whole European Union

Folks, in response to the most common shipping issues we saw from CHIP and PocketCHIP deliveries, and in order to make sure everyone gets the best possible experience when buying from us, we are currently shipping to a limited set of countries whose Customs laws allow us to ship Incoterms “Delivered Duty Paid” (DDP) at a cost which we can estimate accurately prior to shipment. This means no unexpected delivery fees, and no shipments getting held up at an office waiting for you to pay duties to get them released.

Currently, that means Australia, Brazil, Russia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United States are where we can ship to.

We are actively working with our shipping partners for better ways to handle shipments to “Delivered Duty Unpaid” (DDU) nations so that we can add additional countries to our list. Shipment to DDU destinations is still possible for bulk orders which require a custom shipping quote anyway – If your country is not listed above, but you are interested in placing a bulk order please contact sales@nextthing.co

Shipping to Greece
Why shipping in India is not available now?
When shipping to Lithuania will be possible?
Can not order C.H.I.P. my country Belgium is not listed in shipping list
How can i buy CHIP in my country?
Can not order C.H.I.P. my country Belgium is not listed in shipping list
Shipping to whole European Union
Cannot buy PocketCHIP
Shipping to Argentina
Does Ship to Sri lanka?
Shipping to Singapore?
Double taxes for Germany?
When ship to POLAND? [Solved]
Shipping to whole European Union
Any plan for shipping to Korea?

Oh, I didn’t know that. That’s nice! I thought I’d have to hassle with customs to get my CHIPs when they land.


Brand new to this place. I just backed the dashbot.

Problem is, I’m a total noon when it comes to coding. I always wanted to try and develop an understanding for it, I just have no idea where to get started.

The dashbot looks awesome for someone like me, who wants to upgrade to Android auto, but without having to spend a ton. The open source of it all made me jump on it. Just awesome.

If possible, could anyone point me in the right direction to get started in any sort of understanding of coding and modding something such as the dashbot?

The depth of knowledge I would have for something like this would be what I’ve learned from following directions to root and install ROMs on a few different Android phones. I know that probably doesn’t correlate, but that’s about all I know.

Thanks in advance. Excited for this!


@CaptainNoob , We will have to wait until they release more information on Gadget OS and the dashbot program itself, but once they do, I would be interested in working on a project or two with you.

Specifically I want to hack it to have it’s own internet access (whether that means adding a USB port and plugging in an internet stick, or since my stick just died, I might do it the “cheater way” with a Mi-Fi) and then have it text me when someone opens my car door (even if it is a family member, I still want to know). I have a little bit of door switch wiring information floating around somewhere if I can find it…


As a backer; just two questions.
(1.) How much heat can Dashbot take?

It’s early summer here in Australia and we’ve already had some 30C+ days. (90F+); which means a locked car in the sun can almost get to egg frying temperatures inside. With the magnetic mount I’m assuming when parked moving the Dashpot off the Dash would be the best thing to do.

(2.) Can I mount Dashbot under the dash?

Really looking forward to this release.


That 2 great questions. I also wondered about the under the dash/upside down option, maybe even hanging off the rear view mirror upside down might be a good option for many, as it’s often pretty easy to run power there, or even already there to power automatic mirrors.


I know this place is pretty bare bones on profits, but how about some kind of black friday bone, few bucks off some of your more expensive products. :wink:


You guys haven’t even fixed the CHIP toolchain and you already release a new product. WOW, the cheek!


they are putting work into the flashing tools I know well @computermouth for example has been putting in ALOT of hard good work into the CHIP flashing tools.