Dashbot Live on Kickstarter! & Far-Field Mics For Your Voice Projects!


Thanks for you reply! Unfortunately there’s no communication from their part so I have no idea about their hard work. So far they couldn’t even reply my emails.


Yep, Australia is easy, just keep shipments below 1000 AUD and no customs/duty to pay.

I’ve received plenty from NTC and never a cent paid for duties/customs and no hold ups.

This may change in July 2017, but we have to wait and see the Government’s implementation plan for reducing the $1000 threshold.


@CaptainNoob The dash bot will be based on debian Linux most likely. The overlaying UI will most likely run with numerous other hacks and scripts. I’m guessing there will be some available I/O open for soldering.

Several places to start with Linux:


Some other places:


If you want to get your feet wet with Linux, try a live USB distro and start with a tutorial

Hope that gives you some insight. My experience, is that almost always, someone else has done what you want to do and there’s a forum with someone else’s similar problems


Have any of the people having issues with shipping tried using a freight-forwarding service?
Here in Australia our Postal Service - AUSTRALIA POST - set up an address in Portland. I’ve used it a few times when ordering from US companies that don’t ship internationally. My order ships to a warehouse in Portland; then on to Australia. It’s a bit expensive; but when there’s no other choice it’s worth it. Maybe such an option is available where you live.


This looks like a useful thing to have in the car. I just pre-ordered this dashbot and can’t wait till it starts shipping. They say third quarter of 2017. I’m hoping it can stream Pandora Radio with pianobar since the regular CHIP can do this in under 256 MB of RAM.



Well if you hope you can do it, and it is under 256Mb of RAM… it’s possible! :grin: Try it! Try everything. Everything is there to learn.

end of short motivational speech