Desktop + pocket chip home?


Is there a way to put a desktop on the pocketchip while having the normal homescreen?


i think you could run the xfce one from the terminal


ok thanks


What command would you type in to make this happen? Getting my Pocket C.H.I.P. soon, so looking for fun things to try!


I don’t really know, because the last time i started GUI from the console was back in the BackTrack days, but i’m sure you can find an answer here! :blush:


Thanks, I’ll give it a shot!


Any luck? :sunny:


Nope… I won’t know for a while since I don’t have my Pocket C.H.I.P. yet! Sorry I did not mention that earlier! I’m compiling a list of things I can’t wait to try, and this is just one of many. One thing that has helped in recent months is that I have Linux running on this rickety old PC. I can experiment with some thing and get some of my Terminal Mojo back, but C.H.I.P. is unique and some things are hard to replicate without the actual device. But I’ll try and keep you posted!


CHIP isn’t really that unique, and when you’re using linux, try using mostly just the terminal, because more or less you can do everything in the terminal, you even have internet browsers that work in the terminal (w3m, and many others), you can edit documents (nano for beginners, if you’re willing to learn a bit vim, which many use to write quite a lot of their documents, my friend is/was writing his diploma in vim). There is just so much to do in the terminal! And writing code is even easier, and quite faster if you’re just trying to test a small part of code. :blush:


I think PocketC.H.I.Ps screen resolution is way to low to use any classic desktop. The UI elements will just not fit the screen. I’ve tried running XFCE and any dialog window (like settings) does not fit the screen because it is to big.

So only usefull way to use xorg (the Linux desktop) on this device is to use some minimal/tiling window manager like ratpoisown, awesomewm or similar. It work such way that there are no classic windows but every window is fullscreen (well you CAN display more windows by dividing the screen but they will just not fit) and you can switch between them.

So having full desktop on PocketC.H.I.P is not possible in my opinion.


The desktop from my experience from using GUI 4.4 on the PocketCHIP is that the UI elements are LARGE. You cannot access some things that you normally could using the CHIP hooked to a TV or monitor, such as some settings menus.

It’s usable, I like it for the added benefit of possibly being able to use the CHIP either by itself or in the PocketCHIP - like using the CHIP by itself possibly for just GUI elements/gaming, and the PocketCHIP for terminal shenanigans. Touchscreen needs adjusting however, but works after. So does the keyboard.

Source : Experience from flashing GUI 4.4 on the CHIP and plugging it into the PocketCHIP.


sudo su


@darkmaximus9 As someone who has never used a normal desktop, I am not sure how anyone can answer you without knowing what features are missing from the default pocket-home screen which you need. From my perspective, pocket-home is a desktop, as it has icons to click on that start applications, and uses awesome as it’s window manager.

A lot of features you are missing might be present on Marshmallow’s version of pocket-home

My plans are to install lxpanel and get that working in concert with pocket-home. It provides a system tray with icons and the ability to click on a popup menu that will give application categories and then choose applications from those. Given the limited screen height of PocketCHIP, I want to move the system tray to the left or right edge of the screen, and make it pretty narrow, with just icons in it.