Easiest way to create custom program launcher?


I’ve searched, but haven’t found any satisfactory answers. Maybe I’m searching for the wrong terms.

I want to put a new icon (probably replacing one of the 5 uninteresting ones that are currently there) on the home screen of my PocketCHIPs. That icon should launch a program of my choosing. How do I do that, in the least painful way? Doesn’t seem like it should be hard, but I haven’t found the config files for the current home screen.



If you want more than 6 icons, or even if you want less but an easy way to make it, is to install Marshmallow’s Pocket Home.


Then if you get Pocket Home, modify the /usr/share/pocket-home/config.json file to do whatever you want with the icons.


Thanks!! marshmallow’s work looks great! But for now, the pointer to /usr/share/pocket-home was what I needed. I’m all set. There are even extra icons under there, one of which was exactly what I needed.


That’s great!


If you go to the blog on Minecraft, at the end it tells you how to change the Help Docs icon for a Minecraft icon.
It’s as easy as modifying the file with the Minecraft image, name and directory for start up on pressing it.
That info. could easily be used to change any of the icons on the home screen for a different icon or to have it start some other program.


That’s what I was talking about.


thanks @Memo, @Jalonzpa – yup, worked great. just what i wanted.