Emulator with GUI like EmulationStation


Is there a emulator available for the pocket chip like emulationstation on the rpi?


Have you tried to actually install it using the retropie script? It should work I will give it a try tonight and see what happens.


Yeah i tryed it last night. installed it succesfully. only problem is when i try to start it (by running the “emulationstation” command in terminal) it says x (xwindows) needs to be closed before it can start. so i think you need to reboot to console to use it, but i don’t know how?!


You need to uninstall lightdm if i’m not mistaken. Don’t worry if it doesn’t work out you can just install it again. I had to do it to get xfce working.


There’s been a script created by the community to give a cartridge select gui for Mednafen, if you haven’t yet, go to this post and follow the instructions for installing and configuring it, and test it to make sure it works from terminal:

After that, I put together a post with info from a few different sources:


Hello I did all this and I keep getting this
chmod: changing permissions of ‘medGui.sh’: Operation not permitted
is there any way to remedy this


It’s usually better a specific post for your question than taking an old post up. Just an advice.

sudo chmod +x yourscript.sh

Password is chip. When you type it you won’t see anything, it’s ok, just type and hit enter.