Gameboy on pocket chip?


Mednafen is another option.

sudo apt-get install mednafen


When I enter “sudo apt-get install visualboyadvanced” I get e: Unable to locate package visualboy advance

Dedicated GBC emulation?

Did you to the “apt-get update” first?


Yes and it updated just fine


Leave the d off.

sudo apt-get install visualboyadvance


Check out my guide:


It installed but now I cant get it to launch

Sorry for being such a newbie, just got the pocket chip and this is my first real venture into linux terminal stuff


It has a CASE sensitive NAME.

So it has to be launched with:


I’m still trying to figure out where the game files go, and where they come from, and if any are included in the install.


Thank you Dwaine, Im at the same point now. I have to figure out where to get the ROM files for the games I want


So, I cheated. On my Windows PC, I went to one of the sites that host ROM images, which have an extension of .gba.

I downloaded a Super Mario ROM file, zipped. Unzipped it, and copied the gba file to a FAT32 formatted USB memory stick.

I went to the PocketC.H.I.P Browse Files window,

I plugged the USB stick into PocketC.H.I.P.

The USB stick appeared in the Places list. Opening it, I saw the gba file.

I made a ROMS folder in the Home folder.

I copied the gba file from the USB stick to the ROMS folder.

The file had an incredibly long name with spaces, so I right clicked it in the ROMS folder and selected Rename, and gave it a short name, maintaining the .gba extension.

Then I went back to Terminal and cd’d into the ROMS folder.

Then I typed: VisualBoyAdvance supermario.gba

And Super Mario popped up. Cool.

Have yet to figure out the keyboard controls, and likely additional screen options would make it look better. But this is a start.

Finally, I’ll admit that I did all this using a VNC terminal into the PocketC.H.I.P. That is SO much easier than trying to do complex stuff with the C.H.I.P keyboard. I installed VNC onto C.H.I.P. using the procedure at the end of this thread:

Happy gaming!


is there away to remove the emulators?

opps might have sudo locket my self trying to get visualboyadvance to run.


I’m having trouble with the key configuration for visualboyadvance. I’m super new to all of this stuff.


Many thanks!


I installed the packages for VisualBoyAdvance and now I don’t know what command to use to launch it.


man VisualBoyAdvance


Hi i want ask please i have on flash disc 500 gba game when i input flash to pocket chip is possible play? This game ? Thank you for support


Yes it is possible, you would have to direct the emulator to your usb drive


Thanks for support so i need to download emulator to flash driver and then input to pocket chip ? Is difficult for me on the internet i canot found procedure how do do it .


you have access to google and google translate, if you cant figure it out you do not need a chip


:rofl::joy: I have to pocket chip , I don’t needed do you want buy ?