Gamepad talk, solutions and alternatives


How hard would it be to replace a few keys (the D-pad for instance) with some of these? :
I’m not even sure if it’s any different than what’s on there, but it might be feasible.
Oh by the way, out of curiosity, could anyone, on a scale of 1-10 tell me where Pocket CHIP button pressure needed sits, and where GBA SP is on the same scale. I know what the SP buttons feel like, but didn’t buy Pocket CHIP (yet, I’m still considering it though).



Don’t delay on the Pocket CHIP! It is fantastic, the buttons are harder to press than the SP - But we all know the Afterburner GBA is the PERFECT iteration of GBA’s.

But that aside the Pocket CHIP is well worth the $49 for it’s current ability’s, add into it the expectation of new programming, and uses for this system is mind boggling!

The buttons for the Pocket CHIP are a throwback to the ATARI joystick PCB. A small domed circle of Stainless Steel is stuck over the contact point with a clear adhesive coating (like tape but covers the whole board). There is a tactile “Click” for each press so the bio feedback is great, you know when the button is in contact. The buttons themselves are maybe a little too small for perfect comfort and using them requires some learning effort.

All in all it is a great product with epic potential on the horizon - do yourself a favor and get one, you deserve it!



I’ve put so much money into my Game CHIP project (with lots more expenses on the horizon) that I don’t know if I can justify buying Pocket CHIP when the end result is almost the same. I will be buying a keyboard to go with, so it will almost be the same. Slightly higher resolution, smaller screen, bulkier keyboard - it’s more of a gaming device, make no mistake, but it might be a good enough substitute for Pocket CHIP, even with the inconveniences. I’m almost convinced to buy it, but one thing holds me back. If I do it now, I’ll have spent more money this month than I made (in the neighborhood of $300) and I’m not sure if the sale will be available in July. I might have to pass, as hard as it is.

And you should know that the best iteration of the GBA is the original with an AGS-101 screen.


That GBA is EXACTLY what I was saying! Mines in all black except for the hip buttons and the side bumpers - If you can find those for sale for me please let me know, I can never find them and have been considering just painting mine. Of course the Game cart with Mini SD card containing EVERY CART I CAN FIND! Makes all the difference. YMMV …

With the expenditure you have made, and what you plan on doing with it - sure don’t get the Pocket CHIP right now. Once you have worked with the $9 CHIP system, you will be able to make more sense of the Pocket CHIP should you decide to get it in the future.

Please keep us updated on your work - I’d love to keep up with you and what you make of it - it may help me with using the USB port in Pocket CHIP to add a USB game-pad in the future. I already scared the adhesive coating over one of the buttons with a fingernail in a hasty direction change mid game.


Unfortunately, I think those GBA’s were really limited in supply, so to do it yourself, you’d need to do your own paint job and follow one of the several tutorials for converting to the AGS-101 display. It won’t be cheap, but probably worth it.

I actually decided to save space and not use the Teensy - so I can’t help you there. Adafruit has a tutorial for their Mega PiGrrl thing with a 5 inch screen, just google it. I am using only the onboard GPIO for my buttons, which will register as keyboard presses. I’m using a directional nub from a New Nintendo 3DS instead of a PSP thumbstick. I’m doing these things as shortcuts because I’m lazy and don’t care too badly about analog input.


Well I got my chip yesterday… Did this today…

Dead pocket chip zombi & bmo (lazarus)

my anxiety is in maximum state. I think I’m going to faint … I want my POCKET CHIP !!!

PS: upload .ino dude


The pocket chip setup was following this post, with some tweaks…

The arduboy is directly from the code used in the first post of this topic…

I haven’t done anything original, just corny😅


in your video Dpad graphics are on the screen. I meant that.
I already use my ARDUBOY in linux with PICO 8 and FCEUX
It works great.
what I LOVE, are 5 SET UPs of the .ino “FUOPY ARDUBOY GAMEPAD”


I would love to see a keyboard/gamepad layout like this:


I’ve got one of those 8-bitdo zeros that I plan on possibly using and I’ve also got a SNES style USB that will work if the Zero doesn’t being bluetoothed and whatnot


I’m getting PocketC.H.I.P! :grin:


You may need 2 or more Pocket CHIP’s …

I got one word for you:




I do not know if this has shown up yet but I’ve been looking into Arduino based gamepads.

The Esplora is discontinued but can still be found on amazon, looking for a Bluetooth based option myself, and the exposed PCB really fits the Chip Theme.


Of course I’ll have a LANParty! GameC.H.I.P. is arriving in pieces as we speak. In fact, one of the reasons I got PocketC.H.I.P. was because I wanted something to accompany GameC.H.I.P. and didn’t have the time or money for making another. That, and I also just wanted a Linux machine without spending any time setting it up. I tried linux once with this ol’ laptop, but I kind of botched things up twice. Lastly, it’s just plain awesome, LANParty or no.


Ethel local radio Shack had a few of them the other day


After trying Pico 8 games using the keyboard, I’m ready to replace the entire keyboard with a gamepad of some kind. I’ll plug in a USB keyboard when I need to type.


I’ve got a wired send style that works pretty well I was considering ordering another shortening the cord and installing a bracket to snap pocket chip into to play it


I was thinking going the route of MoGa controller mod. Idk, I would have to do some research. Maybe I’ll come back with some learnings.


I ordered one of these yesterday. It looks compact for the price and i’ll be getting it the 26th.