Gaming on pocket chip


as far as I know isn’t doomrl windows only? not perfectly sure as it has been a long long time since I kept up with that project.


But it can run roguelikes, and (for many people buying a $9 computer) that tinkering is an implied part of the fun.
I’m looking forward to nethack personally.


1942 is also good fun.




@DPrime123 hey is 1942 running via dosbox? Or mame emulator?


@senkun playing via Mednafen :airplane: same with Zelda ll :crossed_swords: . I also grabbed Nestopia and Higan but they don’t seem to want to play nice at the moment.
I have a couple more NES games I want to try out then am going to try get a SNES game going but from what I’ve read at mednafen-emulator-configuration-gbc-gba-snes-nes
I may not be able to get it working, which is a shame cause I love Secret of Mana :smiley:
I do have a couple of other old games I need to try out on dosbox though.


Ah Mednafen thanks! Thought 1942 and that you got another version of MAME running.


Yeah narr, but not for a lack of trying.
Higan seem to have a problem with pocketchips SDL.
Higan will open with OpenGL selected but can’t run games and no GUI because no OpenGL, and running with SDL crashes the app.
Nestopia will probably work with a little fiddling (still working on it) just really wanted to see some NES games running so went with Mednafen as I knew it would work. :smiley:

What I really want to see is SNES games though, has Secret of Mana, Super Bommer Man, and my favorite Zelda.


Once I got them running went back to playing Crawl (my Kobold Hunter is kicking butt). :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha sounds like you’re having fun then! Yeah, waiting for the day when gpu drivers and h/w acceleration gets sorted. Not expecting much but will be happy when CHIP gets singlecore RPi level of performance and a port of Lakka.


Ah man that is awesome! I just can’t wait to get my pocketchip! I tend to have 6-8 hours a day lately just to myself and bored out of my mind


you know thinking on the heretic issue… I would work on a Doom engine port just for the pocketchip that would be a nice first easy project to get into the swing of things. Maybe ill fork prboom or zdoom. last time I played with the doom source code I had a ton of fun making a doom port for the psp way back when


@kainxkitsune The chocolate-doom package works really well for all your Doom and Heretic needs :slight_smile: much better than dosbox, and as chocolate-doom comes with Heretic, Hexen, and Strife it is very cool.


but the experince could stand to be better even in your post you show that the pocket chip screen res. doesn’t play well with Chocolate Doom. plus a gzdoom branch could offer alot more options when it comes to mods and such. or even just making a branch of something like chocolate doom or prboom to make it run out the gate all nice a setup for the pocketchip would be nice.


@kainxkitsune that’s very true the screen res was a bit of a downer.

I haven’t found anything that works out of the box on pocketchip :stuck_out_tongue: without a little convincing (though that kind of adds to the fun for me).
prdoom has probably been the easiest thing to do as far as games go, but it’s just doom which would probably run on a shoe.


Doom ports for me are always fun to work on. And there already is a code base for gzdoom on ARM so It shouldn’t be too much work my aleph one port is going to be … much much harder then a doom port would be.


prboom is better if you just want doom1/2/ultimate.

Chocolate-doom is really only if you want hexen and friends because of resolution issues

SDL things are having a conniption because of available vs requested resolution and a lack of hardware scaling.

SNES needs a min res higher than the display can muster so it needs a negative or non-whole integer multiple scale value.

I’ve also run into the same weird crash trying to get ROTT to run in any widescreen resolution or anything greater than screen res.

I’d need to look at the exact code path, but it’s always the same situation, available resolution < requested or Non 4:3 aspect ratio requested of game that only outputs at 4:3 aspect.


does prboom not support heretic/hexen? huh I never noticed somehow… mainly since I mostly used zdoom/gzdoom most days. And I could see how the screen res could be an issue. Sadly my pocketchip is still in the process of being shipped so for now I can’t test anything and everything out of my mouth is speculation for now.


I’ve posted in some gaming thread somewhere about what does and doesn’t work… Which reminds me I should go add eduke32 to the list. I got that working a few days ago.

Ahh here it is:


that is a very helpful post! also can’t say I ever got g++ to segfault sure millions of errors from my screw ups or missiong something but never a segfault haha. did it run out of memory or something?