Gaming on pocket chip


has anyone got fallout 1 up and running on the pocket chip?


Look at this post:


Just found out tumiki-fighters works pretty well even without gpu drivers!

sudo apt-get tumiki-fighters

Torrus Trooper is another story, unforunately.


Also just got xscorch (scorched earth) running with help form that scummvm scaling issue thread

sudo apt-get install xscorch

xscorch -g 480x320


I tried scorched earth 3D looks like it may run good once we get GPU Drivers!


I did too, turned off EVERYTHING.

Just barely runs, so those GPU drivers cannot come soon enough :wink:


Dying for my PocketC.H.I.P to come in, i want to see if my old arcade guilty pleasure, Bloodstorm, will run. It’s been 20 years and I’m shocked to have found it again!


Hey guys,

While this seems to be mostly FPS and arcade focused thread I cannot fail to mention that Exult, i.e. Ultima VII: Black Gate works just great on PChip! Just set the video to no scaling (Bilinear works for me) and the actual res to the PChip"s (480x272) and you’re good to go.

Exult is actually just about perfect fit for PChip, because the way the original engine is emulated increasing the res increases the size of the window (view distance) so any non-standard res can be accomodated.

Btw anyone got DOSBox working with relative mouse tracking? So far I’m just playing keyboard controlled games in fullscreen scaled to native res due to the mouse issues.


Never played this, but reading this makes me really want to give it a try!


how did you get it working?


@Orrinw01 get what working?




@Orrinw01 aaah~ that was done with Mednafen.


You can play link to the past without the snes, it was available on the gba, and mednafen runs it well




this is a list of open source games clones, as PrBoom or OpenTTD but much longer … many games … I hope you enjoy

It is an extremely long list. full of well-known titles, is highly recommended to take a look


Is that Sam and max running under dos box?


its on ScummVm and runs fine


Fore some reason it runs odd even with the mouse device pointed to the xinput-calibrator one.

Do you Scummvm users use a stylus?


Yes you can i have a mini wireless mouse i use sometimes too