Getting started with CHIP on Windows 10


Wondering how to get started connecting to CHIP in headless mode on Windows. Device connects in headless mode on Mac, but when I connect the device to Windows the device manager shows it as a CDC Composite Gadget. I saw mentions on a few threads of there being issues with version 4.4. Is there a workaround for this yet? Or am I missing some specific Windows drivers?


I suggest you take look in this thread by @NinjaKun to see how to set up Windows for ACM communication with the chip. If you get that working, you can setup the chip headless like on an SSH connection. However, there indeed is an issue with version 4.4. I don’t have a link ready for that issue, but there’s a solution. Just search the forums. IIRC, gadget mode is ok so it just depends on the correct drivers on your W10 machine.


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While this is a bit “old”, the answer is YES - you are missing the driver. Go to the flashing web page to get the drivers.

After that, you should be able to find the proper “COM PORT” (from device manager. If you don’t see it, or it looks like there is a chip “flashing” device, delete that device, and re-install (without chip being plugged in) the driver you can download. This should reset things and show the com port number to use for a tool like putty (search around forum for more complete directions to get you going).

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Thank you. In the end, I solved the problem by downloading the .INF provided on the thread [UPDATED] "CDC Composite Gadget" 4.4 driver issue on Windows and editing the VID/PID values.


The inf method is old, check the update on the topic, howie from NTC made a
installable driver.