Hacking the PocketCHIP case to add "GameBoy-like" buttons


That is really awesome! I’m going to see how much my local library will charge to print this cover. I have no experience making 3D models, but if I were to make a change, it would be to add buttons to the 0 & = buttons specifically for Pico-8 games.


That’s a great idea. It gets me wondering what it would look like to have a version of this with buttons for all keys, to turn it into a little clicky-button keyboard.



Beautiful work @telarium! I’ll be printing this later today. I also ordered small 5-way switch that I plan to make into a second d-pad for mouse movement, and I might “borrow” your design in my attempts to add it to the PocketCHIP, if you don’t mind!


Hey, I’m new to modding anything and wondered how you got Pokemon to work on the pocket chip, I would like to set it up on mine too. Any help would be great. Thanks


@laughyboy Follow the directions to set up mednafen: Mednafen (Emulator) configuration (GBC/GBA/SNES/NES), then search Google for a “pokemon rom” or “pocket monsters rom”.


Many thanks


Ooo. Love that D-Pad/Bezel combo. Can I have the official NTC colour code for the Cyan(?) and Magenta(?), would be great to match the colous if possible.

Not having access to a 3D printer myself, I usually head over to https://www.3dhubs.com/ and get some price quotes from two or three of the nearest services.

Edit: Got a quick quote and it’s $12 for a 100 microns print, and $25 for 50 microns PLA print.


Come to think of it, why don’t NTC do a range of “cosmetic” erm, “functional” add-ons like this D-Pad Bezel, plus some other stuff like additional colourways for the case in official colours plus that grey I’d seen somewhere, Keep the cost of CHIP low but offer these upgrades and I’m sure loads of us would like to further support NTC this way. Makes for some neat customizations and they make great gifts too!

Something like what Teenage Engineering has done for their Pocket Operators, a bit expensive for my tastes, but you get the idea.


Totally looking at modding my pocket chip already. The keys are manageable, but deoesnt seem like it would me much more than some time to replace the switches and then 3d print something to go over. Or… might wait a few months till all the accessories either from next or 3rd party hit market. :slight_smile:


@nmarus This may interest you: Case mod/customisation/decoration


This really needs two more buttons on the other side for the Pico-8’s O and X buttons or something. I like the full keyboard mods, but they just don’t have a solid D-pad like this one.


i see blender there…thats nice…


Reminds me of the kefob for the tartan prancer


Is that thing real? That is wayyy too many buttons. How would you even keep that in your pocket without setting off all those things?


Thats the keyfob for the car from the new vacation movie, its awe inspiring


UGH! Yet another amazing credit card sized electronic i added to my wishlist :heart:


Hello @andrewhavens,
Could you tell me the procedure to make your iBuffalo controller work in Mednafen on PocketChip please?
Indeed, mine does not work at all with Mednafen but do works with Pico-8.
Maybe I do not plug it at the good moment?
How could I make my keymapping suitable with the iBuffalo classic gamepad and in which steps order please?


If your PocketC.H.I.P is picking up the controller, here’s what to do!
Open your desired ROM
Hold down Alt and Shift
While holding those, press 1
You should get an on screen prompt to assign your buttons.
Note that you need to do that per system.
Hope that helps! :heart:


Thanks a lot @UmbrasMemoria.
You made me happy when I discovered that everything works well now and forever!
Indeed now I can move :slight_smile:
However, I don’t have any sound with my headphone on Mednafen and yet it works fine with Pico-8.
Is it normal to not get sound via the Jack with headphone plugged on it please?
I believed that it was normal to not get the sound on Mednafen but I would like to get the confirmation or get a solution for it if possible.