Has my Chip Been Shipped?



This was a good choice for your query. Sadly, that topic had to be closed as it turned into unproductive arguing and flaming.

The blog post is now very out of date, their estimates were very much a function of lots of factors, and overly optimistic. But we are going to be getting updated, hopefully with more detailed and accurate information and estimates “this week” according to NTC’s elevenarms:


Ok, this is something that kinda confuses me. The topic was closed; that certainly stopped anyone from providing any new material to it. The unproductive arguing and flaming though? New topics created by the angry folks opened again almost immediately, and the arguing and flaming continued unabated.

There’s gotta be a different way to handle these things. Over on the Maemo boards, the moderators will instead give angry posters a time-out (not allowing them to continue posting for a few hours or days), and remove the offending posts from a particular thread. This seems to work better, and has allowed some enormous threads to continue on for months or years.

If we allow any thread to be shut down by someone with a beef they want to air, then I fear that most of the threads on this forum will inevitably get shut down…


Thanks for the reply. So it seems I’m not the only one with my case… :disappointed:


The board is not at high risk of having threads hijacked right and left. Yes, it happens sometimes, but not often enough to institute a whole set of policies to deal with them. Especially since this BBS doesn’t have moderators who have the time to carefully monitor and enforce policies.

My personal opinion is that most participants in flame wars are not trolls. They are well-meaning, but are either inexperienced in good use of BBSes, or just got carried away and need a reality check. I like to PM people who I notice are misbehaving. I’ve seen that approach work more often than fail.


@fordsfords – I have to admit, I’ve been kinda amazed just how well this BBS has worked, particularly given just how many participants there are. The vast majority of folks here really are kind and welcoming.

I do hope that the community here stays that course. And I’ll try to moderate my own comments better in the future as well. :wink:


Depends on when you ordered it.
The full details are here, but I’ll quote them:

"If you pre-ordered, and have confirmed your address, your estimated ship date is as follows:

Pre-orders placed before April 30th, estimated to ship by Aug 31st (4961 pre-orders)

Pre-orders placed before May 31st, estimated to ship by Sept 8th (5368 pre-orders)

Pre-orders placed before June 30th, estimated to ship by Sept 15th (4116 pre-orders)

Pre-orders placed on or before July 22nd, estimated to ship by Sept 22nd (3883 pre-orders)

New pre-orders placed on or after July 23rd are estimated to start shipping in October"

EDIT: @senkun: Wow °_° I never knew that, they must be having a ton of shipping problems… Well anyways, I think that this will be the final update because these shipping times are already SO FREAKING LONG!


And for the record, this was what it was in the previous update;

NOV 2015 pre-orders are estimated to ship by JUN 30.
DEC 2015 – JAN 2016 pre-orders are estimated to ship by JUL 9.
FEB 2016 – APR 2016 pre-orders are estimated to ship by JUL 17
MAY 2016 pre-orders are estimated to ship by JUL 22.
JUN 2016 pre-orders are estimated to ship by JUL 25.


Maybe. This is the third time preorder shipping has been pushed back afaik. Originally June 25th, then July 25th, now August 31st.

Here’s the source entitled “Pre-orders begin shipping June 25th!” with the previous shipping estimates, still here as of now (it might be deleted or changed):



God, if I knew it was gonna be continuously delayed I wouldn’t have preordered. If it’s delayed any further I might cancel my order and get a refund. This is ridiculous.


FWIW, the other thread gives instructions for getting a refund.


Tsk. Tsk.


FWIW, I think you missed the meaning of “FWIW”.


Naw … appreciate the sentiment, but we’re good.


@senkun the Nov/Dec/Jan pre-orders shipped as planned for folks who confirmed their address in time via our “chipping” utility at track.getchip.com, it’s the pre-orders from after that (and ones which didn’t get a confirmed address in time to ship out in their batch) which are impacted by our delay.


I have 16992 No. from February, still not shipped to me… :frowning: :rage:


Did you confirm your shipping address at http://track.getchip.com? They will not send out orders until you have confirmed your shipping address there. If you have confirmed your shipping address, then the thing to do is email ahoyahoy@nextthing.co to ask why your February order has not yet shipped? Although the announcement did say that orders with chargers in them would be delayed. There also have been problems due to changes in shipping regulations for batteries. Did your order contain either a battery or charger? Where is it going (country)?


@sdjf thank you for reply,
I had confirmed my address TWICE and, each time I received mail confirmation…
my order is only for board, nothing else…
Shipping to Romania.


@yo2ldk if you go to track.getchip.com now, what does it do or say? for sure you should be emailing them, and make subject line that makes it clear February Plain CHIP order has not shipped, and be sure to put in beginning of email that you did confirm your shipping address and when. IF the tracking site no longer gives you the “confirm your address screen” I would guess there might be issues with shipments to Romania via their carrier, and NTC will want to know and fix them. If it still wants you to confirm your address, then there must be some weird computer glitch unless you just very recently confirmed the address, too late to get in to the queue when you should have.


Rad! Your address is CONFIRMED. Sit back and relax. When your order ships, we’ll send you a shipping notification via email, complete with tracking number.

Shipping estimates:

Pre-orders placed before April 30th, estimated to ship by Aug 31st (4961 pre-orders)


Hmm, assuming you are not looking at your browser’s cache of that page, then it looks like you are in the current batch estimated to ship by sometime today. It might take them a few days for them to upload new shipping information. So many people are getting anxious because we are now at Aug 31 and they do not have shipping information yet, I would hope after all these weeks of silence we will get an official update on these shipping estimates. My order is due to ship by Sep 8, but I am getting pretty skeptical they will meet that estimate.