How do refunds work?


How do refunds work?

To get a refund, email saying you want a refund. That’s it.

Once your refund is processed through Shopify, the credit for all charges will return to the card you used at checkout. We’ve already started the process for those who have emailed

Each refund is processed manually through Shopify’s system which means it could take us a few days to process all the requests. At last check, we have 250-300 to process.

Everyone who requests a refund will get one without hesitation. You don’t need a reason or to ask permission. It’s your money and if you no longer want what you Pre-Ordered, no problem. Refunds are handled via the same process we’ve had in place and used successfully many times since Pre-Orders opened in Nov of 2015.

Our policy has not changed. Refunds have always been available for anyone at any time before an order has left our warehouse.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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