How to auto-login to CHIP?


So, for a project I am doing, I need CHIP to auto login on tty1, or whatever the terminal is when it starts up. I have disabled the gui, based on the directions on the CHIP wiki. I tried following a few tutorials for the raspberry pi, but none of them worked because CHIP doesn’t have an inittab.
Can somebody help me with this?


Still waiting for my CHIP to get here since I ordered later on. That being said, I cannot test this but…if you have already removed lightdm you may be able to get away with something like this,

"/bin/bash -c “su chip -c startx”`

Anyone else who has their CHIP already got any ideas?

After a quick forum lookup something like this may be a better option if you are looking to go completely headless:

– may actually be the way I go too :wink:


Hi All !
I’m using CHIP as a headless server. using this toturial I want to lunch my python script in startup.
Now only things that I need is CHIP Auto Login!
So that when USER pressed the power button,my script should runs with root access after chip boots.
Is it possible?
and how?


Why do you need to have a logged in user?