How to : get an emulator on pocket chip


I know this is probably going to call forth the devil but how do I get my emulators installed on pocket chip? Namely ones for NES, SNES, master system, Genesis, and game boys is there a universal emulator for Linux or do I need one for each?

Mednafen (Emulator) configuration (GBC/GBA/SNES/NES)

I haven’t gotten around to putting any emulators on it yet, but I’m curious to see how well RetroArch will run on it. Retroarch is an emulator for multiple systems, you wouldn’t need several different ones. It runs pretty well on Rasbian OS, which is another Debian based distribution for the Raspberry Pi, so it should be doable for the Chip as well. I have no idea what the performance will be like though.


apparently retroarch has dependancies on opengl so until we get a driver for the mali gpu it seems it’s going to be no dice. (for retroarch. others may fare better though)


you can install mednafen(put that in teh search bar to find the threads on it), but it takes some tweaking and tuning to get it running on the pocketCHIP screen. I got Contra up and running on the pocketCHIP, but there was no sound and I had messed around with teh control scheme so it wasn’t 100%, but it ran.


Do you know what you it is specifically? Is the issue that a driver doesn’t exist or just that it didn’t ship so far?


the main driver for the GPU is “comimg soon”. Lots of people expected it to be in the recent OS image updates but it wasn’t
let’s not forget. it well over a year before the driver for the raspberry pi GPU was made available to the pi foundation. it could take a similar amount of time


Gotcha. I saw another thread on here from May suggesting it might ship with pocket chip in June, but no dice I guess.


RetroArch doesn’t require GL. You can compile it without GL/GLES/EGL at the expense of some features (no fancy menus, only RGUI; no shaders). I’m assuming you’ll be able to compile it similarly to how it used to be compiled for rpi (note that opengl/egl/gles are disabled during the ./configure step):
My nephew is planning to get a PocketC.H.I.P., so I’m planning to take a look at compiling for it anyway.


Just learned in another thread that if you change the video.driver option in mednafen from opengl to sdl it greatly improves performance. I’ve got fullscreen gba emulation running at full speed. Very excited for this development.


And, PLEASE, someone, say to me work it or not.


ZX machines and others…

Try ZEsarUX